10 SOLID business plan worth the effort

dairy farm, just with a different species,” Dyson says. He and his wife, Melanie, a

24-year-old agricultural graduate of the University of Alberta, are already living on the family farm. Dyson is presently “an unofficial full partner” in the farm and he says the farm ownership will be reorganized to meet NEP requirements. Dyson admits “a bit of

nervousness” about the process but felt “we were good candidates. We spent quite a bit of time on our business plan.” He believes he has a head

start, noting the farm already has a double-four herringbone parlour for its water buffalo herd. The parlour will be retrofitted so it can be used to milk both the water buffalo, which they will continue to farm, and the dairy cows. “Our goal is to start by this time next year,” he says. “We want to take our time to get healthy animals and do things right.” As new entrants, the

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entrants’ and would simply be considered producers,” she explains. Dyson admits that even 31

kgs of CDQ may not be enough to make the farm fully viable as a stand-alone dairy but believes it is “a good start.” “It’s pretty tough to get a

start in the industry,” he says, noting, “we have the water buffalo to help us in the early years and hope to grow the dairy over time.” Dyson admits he and

Melanie are guinea pigs for the new program. “With the water buffalo, we had to be open and transparent so we’re used to the attention. We’re happy to share our experience with the public and the industry,” he says.

Although the program accepted only three applicants this year, that will change. “The 2019 NEP process was

New entrants will receive 15 kgs of Continuous Daily Quota currently worth $547,500. FILE PHOTO

Dysons will receive 15 kgs of Continuous Daily Quota, worth $547,500 at the current quota exchange price, enough for about 12 to 13 cows. The program also provides a 1:1 matching grant of up to eight kgs for additional kilograms purchased on the exchange, something Dyson expects to take full advantage of.

years,” he says.

“We hope to maximize the program within five BCMMB manager of policy and communication

Vicki Crites explains that the NEP quota is subject to a declining assessment of 10% a year. “After 10 years they would cease to be ‘new

Dairy Farm |

considered a transition year,” Crites says. “The board will run another NEP application and selection process in 2020 (and every second year thereafter). The 2020 process

will select six new entrants for production starts in 2021 and 2022. New deadline dates and an updated user guide for the 2020 NEP selection process will be posted to the board’s website in fall 2019, with an expected application deadline early in 2020.”

73 Acres | $8,500,000

Profitable, Established Dairy Farm in Matsqui, BC. Six year old robotic barn, two residences and a large shop. Will consider land in trade or lease.

For more info contact: Don 604.751.0088 or Tyler 778.878.1569

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