Use Marketing, Tell Your ASC’s Story S

ummer is over and I see back-to-school product marketing all around. That makes me think about how rarely we see ads for surgery centers or specials in healthcare. Marketing in an ASC usually involves your website, pamphlets and materi- als on the specialties offered at your center. There are several approaches you can take, but you want to keep both internal and external marketing in mind. Internal marketing assures your staff is motivated by and understands the mis- sion and culture of your facility. It ensures that team members know about the fea- tures and benefits of your center, quality measures, magnitude of cases and how ASCs assist in reducing healthcare costs. Taking the time for internal marketing and helping staff communicate the center’s attributes is key. Sometimes we get pushback from staff about marketing or sales at the center. My view is that we are all in sales. If you can’t sell what you do or are unable to convince your patients about your efficiency and commitment, they will question your center’s capability. Help staff members communicate their abilities and become comfortable talking to patients about the center. External marketing comes in many forms, but assuring quality, accessibility,

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efficiency and safety are key. Any time the public or your customers see anything related to your center, it works as marketing; everything from forms that are used to brochures that reflect the image of your center and your work. Your website should present your vision of your center and be designed to be easy to use for your patients and others looking for information about your center. If you build your website internally or have a professional provide the service, make it tell the story of quality and safety you have to tell. You know in healthcare if it is not documented it never happened. The best thing you can do is have a good healthcare resource to assist you. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know. Don’t be pressured. Know the basics and background for the Stark law, the Office of Inspector General requirements and state and federal laws. We operate in the most highly regulated industry in the world, so make sure you do the right thing. Read this issue of ASC Focus to get tips on how to keep your center’s marketing efforts compliant and your ASC top of mind for those who might need your services one day.

Larry Taylor, CASC President of ASCA’s Board of Directors



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