ASCA NEWS Patient experience surveys are a

valuable tool that allow ASCs to better understand their patients’ experiences and perceptions. This information is critical for training staff, improving processes and avoiding adverse events. These surveys also can help ASCs comply with industry accreditation requirements to conduct a patient sat- isfaction survey.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Register by November to Save on ASCA’s 2020 Winter Seminar Sign up by November 15 to attend the ASCA 2020 Winter Seminar and lock in early bird rates. The seminar will be held January 16–18 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and will offer three days of ASC-specific education. This hands- on learning experience, coupled with extensive networking opportunities with your fellow ASC professionals, makes this a can’t-miss event. This year’s seminar features three specialized tracks: ■■

Get Started with Patient Experience Surveys Provided by SPH Analytics ASCA has expanded its partnership with SPH Analytics, ASCA’s affinity partner for the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery (OAS CAHPS) Survey since 2017. As ASCA’s affinity partner for

Patient Experience Surveys, SPH Analytics now offers ASCA mem- bers special discounted rates on two new surveys: ■■

Finance & Accounting will teach you the fundamentals of finance and accounting for ASCs so that you can confidently assess your bottom line and make changes that ensure the financial health of your center.


Coding & Reimbursement will help you maximize reimburse- ments at your center by preparing your ASC for the coding and billing changes to come in 2020.


ASC Management will focus on best practices and practical, effec- tive ways for your ASC to remain compliant and prosper in the face of the rapid, and often unpredictable, changes defining the healthcare mar- ketplace this year. To learn more, visit ASCA’s 2020

Winter Seminar page at ascassociation. org/winterseminar.


ASC Patient Experience Survey: A patient satisfaction survey that deliv- ers valuable information your ASC can use to improve performance and patient experience.


ASC Express Survey: A short, streamlined patient experience sur- vey designed to efficiently collect feedback from patients.

Member Focus

Member Focus invites ASCA members to express their views on key ASC issues. Share your perspective with your colleagues and get to know your peers in the ASC community.

Complete a brief questionnaire at forms/focus_on_members and you could be selected for a future profile.

Go to to learn more.

Sign Up for ASCA’s October Webinars On October 8, learn the pros and cons of adopting a new—or maximizing the use of an existing—electronic health record (EHR) in your facility during ASCA’s first October webinar, “Elec- tronic Health Record Update: Is EHR the Light or the Train at the End of the Tunnel?” Marta Shultz, product man- ager of SimplifyASC will present the webinar. Two weeks later, Terri-Marie Mahoney, CASC, administrator of Bluff- ton–Okatie Surgery Center, will discuss the different types of surgical site infec- tions and the patients you must follow for post-surgical infections during “You Just Discovered an Infection in an ASC Patient. Now What?” on October 22. The week after, on October 29, Michael Oneal, pharmacist consultant, will pres- ent “Pharmacy Medication Management in the ASC” and talk about general med- ication management, review updates to USP 797, USP 800 the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and offer guidance on how to structure policies and pro- grams that lead to survey success. This webinar is free for members. All webinars begin at 1:00 pm ET

and ASCA members receive discounts on all of ASCA’s 2019 webinars. All three October webinars are included in the 2019 Webinar All-Access Pass, which includes the recordings and live events for all 17 webinars. To register or learn more, go to

ASCA Webinars page at ascassociation. org/webinars.

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