Beccles May Weather Report

THIS summary is compiled from the records of Stephen Bartholomew of Beccles. Max. Temperature: 24.0C

(75F) on 30th compared with 27.0C (80F) in May 2018. Min. Temperature: 2.0C

(35F) on 2nd compared with 2.5C (36F) in May 2018. Avg. Max. Temp: 16.10C

(61F) - 2019. 18.58C (65F) - 2018. 16.70C (61F) - Average. Avg. Min. Temp: 7.52C

(45F) - 2019. 8.90C (48F) - 2018. 7.50C (45F) - Average. Mean Temp: 11.81C (53F)

- 2019. 13.74C (56F) - 2018. 12.10C (53F) - Average. Air frosts: Nil compared with nil in May 2018. Rainfall

total: 1.44" compared with 0.74" in May

2018. (30-Year Average 2.10"). (2019 Total: 69% of


Most rainfall on one day: 0.50" on 8th. Wind


from: East 9 days, North-West 5 days, North 4 days, South- West 4 days and North-East 3 days.

This was the coolest May

since 2013.That statistic may have been even worse but for general warming during last eleven days, which included by far the three warmest days, 26th - 22.7C, 30th - 24.0C and 31st - 23.0C. As suggested prior to this, temperatures were generally below expected May levels, although two days had attained 17C Maximum and


four others of 16C, Domination of winds from North to East direction, influenced by the still chilly North Sea during the first twenty days offers an explanation

for the


phases of the month. Two days, the 3rd and 4th recorded the first single figure maximums for the month since 2013 with 9.0C and 9.5C respectively. The 3rd in fact was the equal

coolest May day since 1997, although days in 2012 and 2010 also attained just 9.0C. Despite a run of often chilly

nights during the first half of the month, absolute minimum of 2.0C, air frost was avoided once again, only instances were once each in 2011 and 2010, during the last twenty two years. In total contrast, eight of the last sixteen nights had minimum level of 10C or better. The exceptionally dry start


to 2019 continued. Just 6.63 inches of rainfall was recorded during the first five months, up to and including 31st May. This compared with 11.71” and 8.06” at the same stage of 2018 and 2017 respectively. The 1.44” May total this year made this the driest (except 2018) since 2011. The trend towards a noticeable dry spell occurring

in recent months

continued as 1.20” (over 85%) rainfall was noted during the first ten days. This included the wettest day of the month,


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0.50” on 8th, incredibly also the highest daily total since 9th August 2018. The next sixteen days (11th to 26th inclusive) recorded just .04”. Historically, high pressure is often a feature of May's weather

in the east of the

British Isles and so it proved again this time. However, the position of the anticyclone is vital to determine how much cloud is in its circulation. Spring 2019 (March, April,

May) Average


Temperature: 13.8C (+0.3C from average). Mean Temperature: 9.8C (+0.55C from average). Average

The Needlecraft Shop Beccles - Knit and Knatter Evening in aid of Friends of Beccles Cancer Research


Temperature: 5.8C (+0.75C from average). Total Rainfall: 4.12” (70% of average).

Mildest Spring (other than

2017) since 2014, rather let down by cooler than average May. March was somewhat milder, while April was on par with long-term average. Although

there has been

recent modest Spring rainfall, 2017- 4.64” and 2015 - 4.24”, the 4.12” noted this time has been the least since 2011 - 1.21”, which was also the driest Spring on my entire record (commencing 1968).

WE are pleased to announce that our Knit and Knatter evening held on Wednesday 29th May at the Quaker Hall Beccles, was well attended. We would like to thank everyone for supporting us and making our meeting an enjoyable one. Our raffle raised £70 in aid of Friends of Beccles Cancer Research. Our next meeting will be held on October 23rd at 7pm, when we will be looking forward to the coming autumn season with new patterns and yarns. As always Janet and Joan will be on hand to

solve any knitting problems! For more information please contact The Needlecraft Shop

Beccles, 01502 713543.


DAWN Blunden gave a very entertaining talk detailing how she started her cake business, Sophisticake and some of the very special cakes she has created

including those for

various Royals. ‘My son Darren, a freelance

chef who cooks for the Prince on occasion, happened


mention that his mum and aunt ran a small specialist cake business in Woodhall


Lincolnshire and we were asked to send some of our rich fruit cake to the palace for His Royal

Highness to taste. He enjoyed it and we were later asked to supply three different types of cake for sale at his Highgrove gift shop. Several months later we were asked to attend a meeting at Clarence House in London to discuss the wedding cake for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Having secured the commission in the face of fierce competition from 12 other big names, we were given just four weeks’ notice to plan, bake and decorate not only the

huge wedding cake itself but 2,500 slices of additional cake for special

piece of commemorative

tins, all the while keeping the whole thing secret. The palace supplied the base board, a beautiful

solid oak, bevelled around the edges and measuring 30 inches (76cm) square and 2 inches (5cm) depth. When finished the mammoth cake weighed in at a staggering 17 stone (110kg).’ Dawn also creates

other unusual custom made cakes

to order and these include a Dalek, stiletto shoes, a watering can with garden trowel, plus stunning ‘dripping’ cakes. It was a truly inspirational talk about how a relatively small business can succeed in reaching the very top. Next

U3A meeting:

Wednesday 17th July, speaker Joy Hawkins ‘More Medieval Medicine’, Beccles Public Hall. Doors open 9.45am for 10.30am start. Members free, visitors £2.50.

Applying 60 years of family experience in

care home management, our purpose-designed Dell House is ready to provide long and short-term Residential Care for elderly people.

Award-winning Architect, Tom

Ground, has created a wonderful home – with café, cinema,

wellness room, salon, family and activities

rooms, plus first-floor garden terraces – all designed to connect to the outdoors, with beautiful views of the Waveney Valley and school playing fields.

Owners, Robert Blackham and his sister, Sally Crawford

Featuring small-group living, with a focus on putting kindness and compassion at the

..raising standards in care for the elderly.

heart, we will take pride in making Dell House a happy, homely environment, creating a life-enhancing experience for each individual resident.

Dell House

5 Nelson Way, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9PH 01502 449855 BEC 2 JUNE 2019






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