percentage of this revenue will be allocated to the Arkan- sas Law Enforcement Training Academy for jailer and jailer administrator training. Te more training we can provide for these personnel, the less likely we are to have valid lawsuits against our jails.

• Act 822 was a long time coming but it’s finally here. Mar- ketplace fairness, as we call it. Internet sales have grown rapidly in the last few years and that has hurt the growth of sales tax collections for the state, counties and munici- palities because so many out-of-state vendors did not and were not required to collect and remit sales taxes. Act 822 provides the legal mechanism to collect new sales tax rev- enue. We don’t have a good figure for the increase, but we can expect at least a few million extra dollars in county sales tax collections because of this legislation. Tanks to Sen. Bart Hester and Rep. Dan Douglas for carrying the water on this legislation.

Te year 2019 was a banner legislative year for county gov- ernment. I have mentioned a few names of people who spon- sored some of the major legislation, but I could just as well listed almost the entire roster of the House and Senate who

sponsored other bills for us, who championed our causes, and who helped us defeat bad legislation. AAC and county officials around the state communicated and built relationships. Tat’s what success is all about. Depending on which seasons you may have watched “Wag-

on Train,” original wagon master Major Seth Adams (Ward Bond) and wagon train scout Flint McCullough (Robert Hor- ton) or the 60’s wagon master Christopher Hale (John McIn- tire) and scout Coop Smith (Robert Fuller) would have been proud of our “wagon circling defense.” When we had to play defense to protect county government interests this session, we were successful. Tanks to the willingness of county officials across the state to get involved.

When the wagon train scout came back with the final re-

port at the end of the session it turned out to be a rip-roarin’, rip-snortin’ session for county government. Much was accom- plished. Whether we must “circle the wagons” playing defense or “lead the charge” playing offense, let’s at least tell the scout to search for opportunities to keep the wagon train (county government) on this new and better trail. Communication and relationship building should be utilized when playing defense or offense. We want to be ready to move when our Wagon master, Chris Villines, declares: “Wagons, ho!”

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