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Kinesis Vehicle Tracking gets Smart with Alexa Integration

Kinesis is taking advantage of the latest advances in artificial intelligence with the integration of its vehicle tracking technol- ogy with Alexa, the Amazon Virtual Assistant. The development allows managers to locate their mobile workers by simply asking Alexa where a person is by name – or a vehicle by its ID number. Alexa immediately responds giving the current vehicle location and if on the move, where it is heading. The Crewe-based company believes it is the first telemat-

ics supplier to take advantage of voice assistance technology. The voice app works for any vehicle fitted with Kinesis trackers and is accessed using the Amazon smart speakers such as the Echo and Dot, as well as the Alexa smartphone app. Users can also ask Alexa for driver related information such as who are the best and worst drivers. “Our customers typically run busy commercial enterprises

and anything that makes their work easier will be welcomed” says Greville Coe, Group Managing Director – Telematics at Radius Payment Solutions, the company behind Kinesis. “Often managers and customer service staff just need to know whether a driver or engineer has arrived on site or is on route. By linking voice assistance technology to Kinesis, they get an immediate answer by simply asking Alexa.” Kinesis see the Alexa integration as the first in a series of exciting developments using voice to access operational infor- mation. The Kinesis development compliments the recently announced Alexa for Business which brings voice controls into the office as part of a fully managed service for multiple Alexa devices in the workplace. “The beauty of virtual assistant technology like Alexa is sim-

plicity. No longer do you need to go to a computer screen or smartphone and search for that vital piece of information.

Konica Minolta strengthens partnership with EveryonePrint

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd is expanding its solutions portfolio with the addition of EveryonePrint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP). The innovative cloud-based infrastructure solution will be available to customers and channel partners in the UK and Ireland immediately. EveryonePrint HCP is an all-in-one print infrastructure solution designed for organisations looking to reduce the IT burden and cost-effectively realise all of the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for print infrastructure. By utilising cloud technology, organisations can reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment. By eliminating print servers, Windows server licenses and the requirement to run clients on workstations, customers will benefit from significantly lower printing costs. The solution offers users a true single driver solution making

it possible for everyone to print to all devices using the same generic print driver. For added convenience, a bEST certified App is available for secure release of print jobs from any Konica Minolta bizhub control panel.

“EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform enables users to easily connect to the print infrastructure without needing IT support, significantly reduces print costs and eliminates the need to purchase, deploy and manage print servers. Furthermore, HCP includes all the features and benefits from EveryonePrint’s widely adopted mobile printing solution which enables printing from any mobile device,” said Thomas Lastrup, Vice President, Global Sales at EveryonePrint. Steve Doust, Director of Document Services at Konica Minolta

Business Solutions (UK) Ltd said this partnership will not only augment the company’s digital offering but will also serve its greater vision of transforming customers’ digital and cultural futures. “While organisations are embracing cloud solutions to fuel business growth, many companies remain challenged to find the right hybrid cloud solutions that enable seamless migration to the cloud. EveryonePrint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform enables Konica Minolta customers to leverage their existing on-premise investments while providing a clear path to move to the cloud.” 09

Instead you just ask the question and you get the answer’” adds Coe. “In fact I think this type of technology will soon become commonplace in a world overloaded by data. In the world of telematics, artificial intelligence is probably the most significant development since the Internet.” Kinesis is already at the forefront of technology that improves

road safety and is developing an enhanced system that mon- itors drivers and their driving performance. By utilising voice technology, the Kinesis Alexa app adds another dimension to safety allowing hands free access to information while on the move, making journeys more productive for those in charge of operations. Amazon’s Echo smart speaker offers tens of thousands of

skills and is now complimented by a wide range of Echo devices, with an Alexa app providing smartphone access to the service.

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