APPOINTMENTS Appointments President Promoted to CEO Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy., a global leader in hard-to-find connectivity accessories for IT professionals and business users, has announced that Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy has been promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Murphy, who has been with the company since December 2016, will hold the dual role of President and CEO, and will oversee the company’s long-term growth strategy and global operations. The promotion comes as no surprise as the Company has achieved over 40% growth with annual revenues now exceeding $300M in the two years under her leadership. Paul Seed, who co-founded over 33 years ago, will assume the role of Executive Chairman and Owner. His focus will be on creating customer value through innovation and ensuring the culture and values of the organization remain rooted in what has made the company successful all these years. “It is my core belief that if we put the customer at the center of everything we do, we will create long-term, sustainable value for our customers, employees, and the communities where we live and work” said Seed.

Colt appoints Head of Mobile Connectivity

Solutions Mark Gilmour joins Colt as the business looks to enable MNOs better to take advantage of the Colt IQ Network. Colt Technology Services has today announced the appointment of Mark Gilmour as its Head of Mobile Connectivity Solutions. An experienced technical leader in the industry, Mark will be reporting directly to

Colt’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Keri Gilder, with his role focused on leading and expanding Colt’s mobile connectivity proposition. Mark will play a pivotal role in driving Colt’s mobile strategy while working with teams globally to strengthen the business’s position in the mobile market. Keri commented: “The reach and density of the Colt IQ Network across key metros

Mark Gilmour.

all around the globe makes Colt a strong partner for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as they start readying themselves for a 5G world. Mark has extensive experience in this space, and I am thrilled that his wealth of knowledge about the mobile industry will shape Colt’s mobile strategy.”

compile all the historical information about a prospect and list them according to the probability of the deal being closed successfully. By maintaining an accurate lead scoring system, AI points the salesperson in the right direction, towards the most favourable deals and prospects.

8. Upselling and cross-selling

Every salesperson knows that the fastest and most economical way to achieve revenue growth is to sell more to their existing clients. Working out which customers are likely to buy more was never an exact science – until now. AI can scan a customer’s buying history, social media posts, and any changes in circumstance. The benefits of using AI in upselling and cross- selling opportunities are increased revenue for the sales team and a drop in associated marketing costs.

9. Performance Management

Every month, sales team leaders are tasked with assessing the revenue pipelines of each of their salespeople, with a view to highlighting which deals are likely to be successful and which deals are likely to fall through. AI enhances this process – now, sales managers can use dashboards to see on a visual level which salespeople stand the best chance of hitting their quota. The insights gained from this data allows managers to focus


AI is not static technology; it’s changing and evolving all the time. The organisations that embrace the full possibilities of the technology will see the tremendous benefits it can offer in visualising, identifying and engaging their next greatest opportunity, with the ultimate goal of maximising revenue generation. 13

attention and resources on their key salespeople and the deals that are most likely to be closed.

10. Decision making

When AI first started to be used by businesses, it was primarily confined to automating manual tasks such as data entry, customer support and lead prospecting. Through its ability to analyse big data, and integrate into existing software and platforms, over the next 12 months AI will be able to evaluate results, predict future trends and suggest profitable courses of action. Using AI, sales managers will be able to identify accounts that have the greatest chance of success at a faster pace than normal, meaning that they can quickly refocus energy and resources to those parts of the business. Sales teams that regularly use AI as part of their decision making will acquire a competitive edge over their rivals.

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