School achieves aesthetic fire performance with MEDITE PREMIER FR

system on the use of MEDITE PREMIER FR fire rated panels from MEDITE SMARTPLY The product was specified by architects Chadwick Dryer Clarke Studio (CDC) for acoustic panelling in the new sports hall for the prestigious Stephen Perse Foundation senior school. The sports hall is part of a complete new building designed by CDC, combining sports facilities with new classrooms and social learning spaces – this mixed use made careful consideration of acoustic performance essential. The decision to use acoustic panelling as a solution then provided the opportunity to create an opulent interior that would not only be functional but inspiring. Within the sports hall, approximately 530


MEDITE PREMIER FR panels were installed at high level above a storey-high ‘plinth’ of concrete blockwork. They were finished

state-of-the-art sports and learning- centre in Cambridge features a dramatic space-defining acoustic

schools. As building regulations also state that within schools or similar public buildings a Euroclass B or C fire rated panel must be used and MEDITE PREMIER FR offers the perfect solution. A social working environment and a sense

in RAL 7044, a silk grey tone, which complemented the treated cross-laminated timber (CLT) finish in other areas. The same product was also used around the building for the creation of architraves, skirtings and window linings. Within England, Building Bulletin 93 sets out performance standards for acoustics in

Safe Heating Transforms Nursery School

The North Bristol NHS Trust are delighted with the LST radiator covers and vented pipe boxing that Contour Heating have supplied and installed to ensure safe heating in Somerset House nursery school. Contour transformed a healthy space for the new nursery school with DeepClean, low

surface temperature radiator covers. Designed with drop-down front access doors, these casings allow fast and easy access to heat emitters. The radiator covers are also protected with BioCote®


technology, which inhibits the growth of 99.9 per cent of bacteria within just two hours to reduce bacteria cross-contamination.

01952 290498 Deanestor awarded furniture contracts

Deanestor, one of the UK’s leading contract furniture manufacturers, has been specified by the development arm of Mace for two new student housing schemes in Exeter and Cardiff which will provide over 1200 student beds. The

contracts for the manufacture of the kitchen and bedroom furniture are worth £4m to Deanestor. Oliver Gardiner, Development Director at Mace commented on Deanestor: “Their team has been responsive and professional, working with us to develop a range of furniture options which combine longevity, value and a high standard of aesthetics to create a fresh and modern appearance.”

of community was central to the project: an important internal space that would become one of the main hubs of activity in the school. The whole school community, including governors, teachers and pupils, was consulted as part of the design development to ensure the right performance and aesthetic could be achieved. The result is a functional, beautiful building, which uses calming colour and modern shapes to break up and add intriguing interest to the expanse of space within the immense, four-court sports hall. premier-fr

U can have secure parking at UCLan

Cycle-Works have helped to encourage cycling to The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) which had an issue with bike theft and security for staff and students. This was discouraging regular commuters using their bikes. To help

solve this, UCLan bought 48 Cycle-Works Velo-Safe lockers, that have been designed for campus’s and similar sites. The university found the unique wedge shape to be attractive, flexible and space saving. The lockers support the university’s Travel Plan and are helping to solve the problem of bike theft whilst promoting cycling. Profile 22 at the heart of major renovation

Optima Casement Windows were a central part of a £1.3 million renovation project at Woldgate School and Sixth Form College in Pocklington near York. Optima from Profile 22 is one of the most widely specified commercial systems thanks to its impressive list of benefits that help specifiers meet even the most

demanding of requirements. Optima delivers optimal thermal performance, achieving a 1.2 W/m2 U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2 K U-value as standard, with K possible. It is PAS24 compliant as

standard, with Secured by Design options available as well. In its aesthetics and versatility, it sits comfortably in any architectural style.



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