Insight is going digital

DID you know that over 90 per cent of the cost of producing MDDUS Insight magazine is in paper and postage – and that membership growth over the last few years has pushed our print run to well over 55,000 copies? That’s a lot of trees. This has given us cause to think about how we

can reduce our impact on both the environment and membership subscriptions. Many of our members now access much of their medical and general news content online. A recent Insight readership survey found that 87 per cent of respondents would support the move to a quality online magazine. So we have decided that now is the time to move to a digital format – but with an option

for members still to receive a print hardcopy of the magazine if preferred. We are now developing a digital Insight that will be accessible in multiple formats, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile and tablet devices. Each new edition will be sent to you via an email link but will also be accessible from the Resources section of The plan is to launch the new digital edition of Insight for the 2019 autumn Q3 issue in September. In the meantime we will be sending members reminders of the change via email and

our regular eMonthly newsletter, with an easy “opt in for print” if you prefer to keep receiving your hardcopy version of Insight in the post.

MDDUS joint head of medical division

Dr John Holden said: “We welcome the opportunity to comment on the revised GMC consent guidance, which focuses on the importance of communication, as well as doctors and patients making decisions about treatment and care together. “We agree that it is not a set of rules

and December 2019 will challenge you as a leader and help you positively change the way you manage your team. It will furnish you with the tools to ensure that you tackle change positively and assist you in creating interdependent, effective relationships in the workplace – helping you to recognise the impact you have on your colleagues. CPD accreditation has been applied for. Find out more at Training & CPD > Events at

MDDUS responds to GMC consent consultation

MDDUS has responded to the GMC consultation on its updated consent guidance: Decision making and consent.

but rather guidance, to aid and support professional judgements. “As we have indicated in our response, the legal annex will form an essential part of the guidance and we believe that it is necessary to have one in draft form to accompany the draft guidance. Taking things in two bites runs the risk of delays and important points being missed, hence the need to tie them together again when the annex is available. We therefore look forward to receiving the legal annex in due course, as it will help our deliberations. “Furthermore, we recognise that the GMC

intervened in the case of Montgomery, and that in many respects the findings of the Supreme Court simply brought the law in line with professional guidance, as stated in the GMC’s existing 2008 consent guidance. However, the absence of a draft legal annex has prevented our ability to form a view of the weight that the GMC may ascribe to the nuances of cases that have been reported since Montgomery. “We trust that when the GMC does produce

a draft legal annex, then MDDUS and other stakeholders will be afforded the opportunity to review and revise comments on the draft consent guidance accordingly, before the overall consultation ends.”


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MDDUS PM CONFERENCE 2019 Practice managers across the UK are invited to “save the date” for the next MDDUS Practice Managers’ Conference on 28 and 29 November 2019. The popular two-day event will be held once again at the Fairmont, St Andrews and will offer delegates a packed schedule of workshops and masterclasses, and a chance to network with fellow professionals. A programme for the conference is still being finalised. Email risk@ to express your interest.


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