piaffe and passage abilities, and for his good temperament and rideability, all traits Kim had hoped to pass to offspring in her breeding program. Also, Donarweiss is only 16 hands tall, a benefit for Kim since she is not a tall woman.

Dressage Success On The First Try Kim’s breeding plan worked. Donatella turned out to be 15.3 hands, and she could perform all the Grand Prix movements by the end of her eighth year. Donatella has high inspection and mare performance test scores. Kim reports Donatella is a very good show horse. She achieved her USDF bronze, silver and gold medals on the mare, all on the first try. On Donatella’s jour- ney to Grand Prix, she was rated the top Hanoverian for USDF all-breeds at Intermediare II in 2018. She has earned scores up to 67.5% at Grand Prix. Donatella is an all-round athlete. As pre-

dicted by her above-average jumping scores from her mare performance test, Donatella has free jumped up to 1.40m and could easily have been trained as a successful jumper. But Kim plans to keep showing her at Grand Prix and hopes to enter her in a CDI class in 2019. Kim also would like to try an embryo transfer from Donatella this year.

Success Continues In Year Two A foal from Kim’s second year of breeding, this one out of Academy Award, also has achieved FEI-level dressage success. In 2010, Kim bred her to another FEI dres- sage stallion then standing at Hilltop Farm, Bugatti Hilltop (Bergamon x Rubinstein I x Donnerhall). Bugatti’s pedigree combines three of the major dressage-producing bloodlines that remain very prominent today on both sire and dam lines of suc- cessful dressage horses—the “B” line from Bolero, the “R” line from Rubinstein, and the “D” line from Donnerhall. All three of these bloodlines have produced numerous Olympic dres- sage competitors. Kim chose Bugatti to take advantage of his good hind leg conformation and to provide some balance to the Trakehner influence from the “A” breeding line. Te result of this cross is the now 17 hand, dark bay,

Bulgari CF (Bugatti Hilltop out of Academy Award) as a foal competing at Dressage at Devon. RIGHT: Last year Kim took him up the levels to compete at Prix St. Georges. This is the second FEI horse that she bred.

Pennsylvania sport horse breeding farm. Kim chose yet another dressage stallion standing at nearby Hilltop Farm to be the sire for this mare. Royal Prince (Rohdiamant x Prince Tatch xx) was a very popular sire. He combined the “R” dressage breeding line with Toroughbred blood from Prince Tatch xx, an influ- ential sire used in Germany to add refinement and an excellent walk. Royal Prince is one of the rare horses from the U.S. who has been sent back to Europe to participate in the World Cham- pionship for Young Horses, where he finished fourth, the highest American finish to date. Te same year CM Ramora CF was born, a Royal Prince

2010 Hanoverian gelding, Bulgari CF. Kim started Bulgari at three years old and took him to the materiale class at Dres- sage at Devon after only 60 days under saddle. He had been very easy to start and was unflappable at this huge show, where he managed a top third finish in his class. Kim sold Bulgari shortly thereafter to an amateur rider. Four years later, when that rider wanted a smaller horse, Kim bought him back when Bulgari was seven. Within the year Kim has had him back in her barn, she has trained and shown him


mare was grand champion at the Dressage at Devon breed show. Ramora’s dam sire, Davignon, was one of the most famous of the many licensed dressage sires from the famous “nick” produced by crossing Donnerhall on Pik Bube mares. Tis Davignon mare had already produced a very nice Royal Prince foal before Kim acquired the mare. So, based on the excellent dressage bloodlines and the prior successful cross, Kim repeated it to produce Ramora. Kim was not disappointed. Ramora was the top filly at her Hanoverian inspection and displayed fantastic elevated

from Tird level up to Prix St. Georges. Kim reports Bulgari is forward and sensitive, a very good show horse. She has big future plans for him—to compete in CDIs at small tour and debut in Grand Prix because he already solidly schools all the Grand Prix movements. Again, Kim’s careful breeding for trainability and rideability has produced a successful FEI dressage competitor.

…and In Year Three Kim’s third FEI dressage home-bred is the 2011 mare Ramora CF (Royal Prince x Davignon), from Kim’s third year of breed- ing Hanoverians. She is out of a broodmare Hilltop Farm had imported and was formerly in the broodmare band of another

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American Hanoverian Society

William Alphin

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