Manitoba Legislative Assembly Education and Outreach Services


that I look forward to cel- ebrating. Our Legislative Assembly has much to cele- brate over this past century. The saying “if walls could talk” certainly applies to this building. Our Assem- bly, like assemblies across Canada, has evolved and grown over the years. A striking change that I espe- cially note is that, when this building first was erected, women were unable to vote or hold public office. How far we’ve come since then! People who are familiar with our beautiful building might have noticed some of the physi- cal changes to the Manitoba Legislature. We have seen sky lights put in, a statue placed on the grounds depicting our Fa- mous Five, the Golden Boy taken down and, of course, put back up. We have seen politicians come and go, and a Chamber become accessible to all. Not all of the changes that have happened in this build- ing are so obvious; there have also been internal initiatives that have had impor- tant and long lasting impacts. The Manitoba Legislature’s Education and Outreach Services program first be- gan in 2006 under the guidance its first director, Ms. JoAnn McKerlie-Korol. Ms. McKerlie-Korol had extensive knowledge about the Manitoba Legislative Assem- bly having worked as a committee clerk previously. Her knowledge of procedure within this Legislative Assembly was im- pressive. She saw an opportunity to share her knowledge with others by working with the Speaker’s Office to institute a new program.

T program

The Education and Outreach Services offers

comprehensive learn-

ing activities about the inner workings of our provincial government. Out of this office there are programs geared to- wards teachers, students, and interested community members. Beginning in the mid-2000s, the Manitoba Legislative Assembly Education and Outreach pro- gram was a newly created concept seen in few legislatures. Since its inception, this program has trained over 350 educators and teachers and over 25,000 students. In addition, the program has trained just under 900 community members through their community outreach special presen- tations. There are three programs created for teachers to participate in and take lessons back to their students. These are: Learn- ing at the Leg!; Educator Workshops; and Make and Take Workshops. The Learning at the Leg! program is a two day weekend seminar that gives educators the oppor- tunity to build on their knowledge, meet MLAs, meet legislative officers, and hear from guest speakers chosen to share their

March 2019

he Manitoba Legislative building will be celebrating its 100th anni- versary in 2020. This is a milestone

expertise. I am so pleased that during this seminar I, too, have a chance to share with educators the role of the Speaker of the Manitoba Legislative


Myrna Driedger Broadway Journal

sembly and discuss some of the accomplishments of my office. I hope that the teach- ers are as inspired by Learn- ing at the Leg! as I am. The Educator Workshops hap- pen throughout the year af- ter school or on a weekend morning. These workshops each have a specific theme and give educators lesson activities to share with their students. The Make and Take workshops are a fun and interesting way for an educator to spend a Satur- day morning at the legisla-

ture. These workshops provide teachers with the supplies and direction to create visual learning tools for their classroom. Teachers are encouraged to take the lesson back to the students who can then create their own.

The student programs that the Educa-

tion and Outreach Services program of- fer are flexible to fit the busy schedule of teachers and their classrooms. Teachers can bring their class to the Manitoba Leg- islature where they are toured around the building and taught about the legislative process in the Education and Outreach Services classroom. For classrooms that are unable to make the trip to the Leg- islature Education and Outreach Services will travel to their classroom. These fun and interactive classroom lessons are for students in grades 4 through 12. The community outreach program

is one that can be tailored to any group coming to the Legislature. This program is the perfect opportunity for any commu- nity group or organization to get a better understanding of the Manitoba legislative process. In addition to the above mentioned

programs, Education and Outreach Ser- vices offers many useful resources on their website. For more information, please visit education/education_services.html. Recently, after 28 years of service to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly in vari- ous roles, Ms. McKerlie-Korol retired and passed on the torch to the Manitoba Leg- islative Assembly’s next Education and Outreach Services Director, Mr. Stephan Day. Mr. Day is a talented educator and will oversee the program as it grows and evolves into the future. I am proud of the strong and dynam-

ic Legislative Assembly we have here in Manitoba. It is the product of many de- cades of hard work and forward thinking initiatives. The Education and Outreach Services program is a jewel in the crown of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. Hon. Myrna Driedger is MLA for Charleswood and Speaker of the legislative assembly.

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