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Concordia Foundation is Host Sponsor for March

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JNU is pleased once again to welcome the Concordia Foundation as host sponsor for the month of March 2019. We learned much last

Concordia Place.

year from the good folks who visited our remote stu- dio who shared their rich history of 90 years up to the hustle and bustle of present day. Although the hospi- tal its self is undergoing some changes, as are many in the province, the foundation and all the facilities under their very large umbrella are all going strong. Besides the hospital, there is Concordia Place, Con- cordia Village and the Hip and Knee Centre. The Hip and Knee Centre is a very interesting place. Last year they had to cancel their “Operation Walk” to Nicaragua because of the instability of the country. As things are now cooling down, they hope to get there

Aubrey Tadman, “it’s still my city...” John Einarson

ing one of television’s most in-demand comedy writ- ers in Hollywood.

B Born and raised on Aikens Street and St. John’s

Avenue in the North End, Aubrey lived with his grandmother from age eleven after his father, a bar- ber, moved the family to Chicago. Aubrey chose instead to return to Winnipeg. “I lived two blocks away from Oscar’s Delicatessen. I had corned beef sandwiches from there three or four times a week.” Attending Machray School he never considered a music career until his early teens. “My dad sang at my bar mitzvah and I couldn’t believe how good a singer he was. That’s when I got serious about mu- sic.”

By age 15, Aubrey was appearing in local jazz clubs. “In those days you could sing in the clubs at that age because there were no liquor licences. They were bottle clubs where you brought your own booze in a paper bag.” Over the next decade, Aubrey performed at the Roseland Ballroom, Club Moroc- co, The Towers, Highwayman, Rancho Don Carlo’s and Jack’s Place out on Pembina Highway. “My fa- vourite gigs were working with Marsh Phimister and Monty Levine at Jack’s. We worked together for a couple of years.” He also worked clubs in Toronto and Montreal as well as throughout the U.S.

ack in the late 1950s Aubrey Tadman was a fixture on the local jazz scene performing with the city’s finest musicians before becom-

hosted by Al Hamel, Wayne & Shuster (“They would argue constantly but they loved each other.”), Lorne Michaels and Hart Pomerantz, and Music Machine before helping create The King of Kensington with another ex-Winnipegger, Perry Rosemond. “That was my North End life on that show,” he confirms. “Selkirk Avenue was Kensington for us.” He also composed the theme song.

Aubrey Tadman.

In the mid 60s former Winnipegger Allan Blye convinced Aubrey to get into television writing, and after working at CBC in Winnipeg, Aubrey moved to Toronto where he wrote for Tonight In Person,

He was invited to come to Hollywood to write The Donny & Marie Show featuring the two Os- mond siblings. The success of that show led to an impressive list of credits including Rhoda, Welcome Back Kotter, Private Benjamin, Momma’s Family, Three’s Company, Sha Na Na, Van Dyke and Com- pany, The Mary Tyler Moore Variety Show, Silver Spoons, Three’s Company, and The Jackson Family at Disneyland special. He was nominated for five Emmys and won for Shari Lewis’s Lampchop’s Play- Along. Aubrey’s early experience served him well. “When you’re a writer in Canada you learn every- thing: cameras and camera angles, production, light- ing, all the technical side. That’s why Canadian writ- ers are so in demand in the U.S. because they know how to put a production together.” In 2001, Aubrey released a jazz CD, Stay With Me and appeared five consecutive years at the Vancou- ver Jazz Festival. He last performed in Winnipeg in 2001 at Dubrovnik Restaurant. Residing in California for some 40 years, Aubrey still cherishes his roots. “My licence plate reads ‘WP- GKID’. It’s still my city and I still feel it’s my home.” John Einarson is a CJNU announcer.

in 2019 and do their fabulous work. I recently read about “The Knee Club”. This is

group of individuals who have had a total knee re- placement and are in different stages in their reha- bilitation. They get together to cheer each other on. What a great idea. It is easy to complain about our health care system

but chat with our neighbours to the south and you’ll quickly understand just how lucky we are. Once again, Kildonan Place has opened its doors to

us and our remote studio will be producing our show from there for the month of March. If you are in the neighbourhood, please drop by and say hello. If not, there is always our request line. We do enjoy playing the music you love.


March 2019

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