FOR every child born in the UK between September


2002 and January 1st 2011, HM Revenue & Customs was giving away free money. Yet

unbelievably, despite

several reminders, millions of pounds of this money remains unclaimed.

The scheme was known as

the Child Trust Fund (CTF) and was meant to encourage parents to save for their children. Initially, an amount of £500 was awarded to each child born between September 1st 2002 and August 2nd 2010 in two tranches – £250 at birth and a further amount at age 7.

From August 3rd

2010 until the scheme closed on January 2nd 2011, the amount was reduced to £50. The amount was awarded in the form of vouchers which parents could present to a CTF scheme provider (often a High Street bank) to be invested as a Stakeholder account, a shares account or as a bank account. The CTF account, once opened, could then be added to by other members of the family up to (currently) £4,260 per

Is your (grand)child owed money by HMRC? – isn’t

child per year. Except in very few exceptional circumstances (such as terminal

the investment could not be withdrawn

until the

illness), child

reached 18 but from age 16, the child could receive statements and could control the investment of the funds. If the parents did not claim the initial award for whatever reason, the government themselves opened an account on behalf of the child.

It is

these accounts that have often been forgotten about and are largely still unclaimed.

Of all

the CTF accounts opened, it is thought that over 1.9 million CTF accounts were opened by the government in this way and, at last reports, over 1.7 million are still waiting to be claimed. As the government-invested CTF funds are highly unlikely to have been actively managed on behalf of a child – the funds will have been deposited and just left there – it is important that these accounts are not only claimed but are also reviewed to determine whether any decisions on their performance


need to be made – perhaps by converting them into a Junior ISA.

Even if the child was born towards the end of the scheme and received one of the smaller rewards, it is still free money from the government which can be claimed.

If you are unsure whether your child has an unclaimed CTF account, you need to go online and ask HMRC at trust-funds. (You will need a Government Gateway reference if you do not already have one, so you may need to register

with HMRC before

you can start the trace). Once you have found your

child’s CTF you are able to transfer the funds into a Junior ISA which works broadly under the same rules (that the funds cannot be withdrawn until age 18) but often the fees are lower. You will need to shop around though as it is reported that not all Junior ISA providers accept the CTF vouchers. also restrictions

There are to prevent

you holding both a CTF and a Junior ISA simultaneously so the CTF will have to be closed when the Junior ISA is opened. Whilst the vast majority of “forgotten”

these youngest

cannot yet be encashed - as the


accounts are

just turning 16 at the moment

I want a different sort of burial.... What are my choices?

SINCE the abolition of slavery the concept of “ownership” by one person of another has ceased to exist. Not just during lifetime, but this state of affairs continues after death. Nobody can “own” the corpse. It is not susceptible of theft, nor can it be criminally damaged or stolen. It cannot be seized by creditors nor held as a lien for unpaid debts.

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“Green” burials are becoming very popular, similar, but much less popular, are burials in your own garden. Other methods of disposal are not illegal - such as mummification, or cryonics (deep-freezing) and can be done but these often involve a mountain of paperwork and regulation.

Burial at sea can be done but only if you choose one of the licensed areas off our coast. There are only three, namely, off the Needles, Isle of Wight, off Hastings, and off the coast at Tyneside.

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What about in your own garden? Yes, this is possible, and you could even request that that part of your garden becomes consecrated ground. You would have to arrange for your bishop to consecrate it, and it would be desirable to distinguish the consecrated , from unconsecrated garden, and impose covenants to ensure that successors in title will observe

the relevant regulations. It seems likely that subsequent sales of the house and garden may be adversely affected by the presence of an unexpected grave.

Guidelines exist to control pollution, this is essentially because the corpse is defined as clinical waste and it will be necessary to certify that the person did not die from anthrax, or many other diseases or especially toxins. Further the regulations require that the grave must be: at least 250m away from any borehole or well, at least 10m away from any spring, at least 10m away from any field drain, and have at least 1m of subsoil below the corpse and be at least 1m deep, and be at least 2m above sea level with no standing water in the hole. If more than two bodies are to be buried then planning permission will be required. A certificate for the burial will be required from the Registrar, and he will need a plan showing the precise location and date of burial.

For more advice about burials and estate administration contact John Pulham at:- Messrs Pulham & Co, Egmere House, Market Place, Saxmundham, IP17 1AG. Telephone (01728) 602084 or e-mail jsp@pulham.

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Please provide name, address, date of birth, telephone and email LEI 9/FRAM 7

it better to have this money under your control than languishing unloved in location of HMRC’s choosing? For further information on any of the above points or to discuss your affairs generally, do not hesitate to contact Robin Beadle at Ensors Chartered Accountants, Saxmundham on 01728-603005. This article seeks to address general business and financial issues and due care has been taken in its preparation. Ensors cannot accept responsibility for loss incurred by any person, company or entity as a result of acting, or failing to act, on any material in this publication. Specialist advice should always be sought in relation to your particular circumstances

Public consultation stage 3 (4th January to 29th March 2019) DEAR Sir/Madam,

Sizewell C Nuclear power station consultation changes

constructed with central refuge points to allow safe crossing in stages.

May I through your pages draw your readers attention to the inadequate road infrastructure proposed to serve the Sizewell C nuclear power station. The

roads have been

designed for motor vehicles, and many minor roads used by cyclists and others have been cut by the proposals. In some instances


are being expected to use the new roads amongst heavy goods vehicles where they are extremely vulnerable. The few crossings proposed will concentrate traffic and lead to queuing delays and increase the chances of accidents when people

get impatient and

misjudge opportunities to pull out. Cars and cyclists alike, once on the road, are being expected to sit and wait for gaps in oncoming traffic to complete a crossing, and this is a dangerous proposal given the traffic flows predicted. Our club is calling for proper consideration to be given to the impact the proposals will have on cycling, health, safety, tourism, and the economy of the area. The points we are making are as follows: All existing roads to be crossed by the proposed new road and bypasses should be maintained open for use in the interest of amenity so that leisure and tourism are not adversely affected, and to ensure the safety of all road users.

If it construct is not possible underpasses

Saxmundham Sports CC

PREPARING notes for this issue on a beautiful sunny morning reminds me that the start to the 2019 cricket season is not very far away. Better news in the West Indies as England - at last - play nearer to their full potential. As I am writing this, a win looks a highly likely result in the final Test Match. Our committee are finalising preparations for this summer. Pre season evening nets are to be booked, equipment to be purchased, score box to be maintained, T20 fixtures to be arranged, fixture booklets to be sorted, etc. Remember: If you wish to

come along to Indoor nets and play cricket in the summer then please

contact Sports Cricket

Saxmundham Club on

'' or txt Graham on 07962 124069 or Tom Feveyear on 07816 856103.

to then crossing points should be

On no account should cyclists be expected to cycle with the traffic on the major road, for even the shortest of distance before entering a refuge.

On no account should cyclists

be expected to

cycle with the traffic on the major road, as shown on the Theberton

Bypass proposal.

A single lane road of this nature with the traffic flows predicted is not conducive to the “Safe Passing” initiative promoted by the Police and Cycling UK, such a proposal is inherently dangerous and takes no account of cyclists vulnerability.

On no account should a single crossing point be considered as this will (A) concentrate traffic, pollution, wear and erosion and queuing which will lead to frustration, impatience,


and accidents, and (B) make the road unusable for cyclists. In the interest

of the

amenity, leisure, tourism and health your proposals need to consider the wider impact on cycling, around the park and ride sites and the freight handling

with regard to mixing vehicles associated

sites. Particularly with these sites

on roads used regularly by cyclists.

In the interest of the

amenity, leisure, tourism and health your proposals need to consider the wider impact on cycling, with regard to existing patterns of movement of cyclists, and ensure that your planned infrastructure

accessibility. Specifically how your proposals impact

do not reduce on

the national cycle route that crosses the A12 very close to the southern end of the Stratford and Farnham bypass and to the lane to the north of the “North park and ride”. Whilst after the construction

of the Stratford and Farnham bypass is complete the village will be safe to cycle through, this will only be accessible if a satisfactory safe crossing is included on the new bypass for the minor road which it crosses, which is in turn a national cycle route. These

points relate to cycling,

obviously but are

equally applicable to walking and horse riding in the area. If you are a car driver these minimum

provisions also

help you continue to enjoy our wonderful county in the way you always have. In our view it is important to maintain unlimited access for residents and visitors, as many businesses linked to leisure and tourism depend on these. Further information and the questionnaire can be obtained at Please help put pressure on EDF Energy to build infrastructure fit for purpose and the future, not just so they can build their power station. You can do this by completing a

consultation questionnaire

and making your views known. You can do this wherever you live, it is not just restricted to the local area.

Yours sincerely

Maurie Parish - President, CTC Suffolk group. (Part of Cycling UK)

Charity Donation

WHIP Street Motors recently presented the Woolverstone Ward at Ipswich Hospital with a donation.

They funded a Versalite Meddrawer


Workstation for the Oncology Unit at Ipswich Hospital. This

enables staff to work freely around the department having access

to all information the that

notes and they need.

Whip Street Motors is based at The Pit, Paper Mill Lane, Bramford, Ipswich, IP8 4BY. Tel: 01473 839897.

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BENHALL Church Daffodil Show on Saturday 16th March, 11am-1.30pm, new venue Riverside

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St Andrew IP17 1LL. Come and enjoy the show of daffs or enter an exhibit, all welcome.

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