86, “When we are what we do”, chapter 89, “Compassion fatigue”, and chapter 92, “Positional and personal power”, defining yourself exclusively according to the value and importance of the job can set you up for a joyless existence outside of the school walls. As I read these chapters that describe much of what I have been through, I was reminded of what another mentor said to me in my first few years of teaching. He said that as educators we oſten spend a lot of time between our classes worrying about the personal chal- lenges of the previous class, rather than learning from them to set the next class up for stronger success. Tese chapters remind me how much time can be wasted worrying about essentially nothing.

As I reflect on the book, Teaching With Vitality: Pathways to Health and Wellness for Teachers & Schools, I am pleased

NAfME Collegiate Updates

Te 2018-2019 NAfME Collegiate board reflects a mix of new and returning members. Grace Pawluszka, a fiſth-year student from Central Michigan University, returns as President. Anthony Berardi, a senior from Wayne State University, serves as President-Elect. Lexa Deamant, a senior from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, is the New Membership Chair. Bobbie Sue McDaniel, a senior from Sienna Heights University, is the new Social Media Chair.

Te board has been working diligently to plan events for the 2018-2019 school year. Tere will be three

to have found a resource that clearly relates to realities in the life of an educator, but also provides some important food for thought for teachers who struggle with the home and work balance. For me this balance is a life-long journey, and reading this book gave me plenty to think about as I approach my next lessons in the classroom, and my rela- tionships in life.

Jonathan Glawe is the Director of Orchestras at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education

degree from the University of Kansas, and a Master in Music Edu- cation degree from the University of Oregon. He has been teaching

for 13 years in the public schools.

Grace Pawluszka

collegiate sessions at the Michigan Music Conference again this year. Tey include Student Teaching: Te Good, Te Bad, Te Ugly; Musical Pits 101; and Teach- ing in Diverse Settings. Tere will also be a collegiate reception as usual on Friday, January 25 where colle- giate members can network with students from around the state. Additionally, the NAfME MI Collegiate Con- ference is planned for Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at Wayne State University.

Please follow us on Facebook at NAfME Collegiate - State of Michigan for updates on collegiate activities!

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