orderForm.noItems GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT Dear Members

Hello, I hope you are all enjoying the hot weather, the exec has been very busy in recent weeks. We have been looking at our journal, we are having some issues with advertising sales and the availability of technical papers, our journal team are working very hard to address these issues. We have recently carried out a survey on our activities, we contacted members, ex members, advertisers and anyone who had attended a conference or training day, both UK and overseas, the results are given later, almost all liked the journal but there were some comments about UK bias and concentration on steel.

The journal team will be informed of any comments, so changes can be made. We have finally had our last year's accounts completed and these are printed in this journal as required by the institute rules, we have made a very small profit of £64 which as a non-profit making organisation it is about right although I personally would like to see a much larger profit. We know that our costs are increasing such as postage, printing and even paper. It now costs approximately £2 for a journal to be posted in the UK and £3.50 to be posted to Australia which is £21 per year out of your subscription to go to Australia and £12 per year for UK postage.

We are working on the conference and training day, most papers are finalised, bookings are starting to come in so please book early.

I also have a considerable amount of work to do to make sure that we are covered for data protection, using sage pay makes things a bit easier but we have to make sure that members details such as credit card payments are secure, we are working to government guidelines which can be checked out at guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/ individual-rights/right-to-be-informed/

I will be sending out reminders to all who have not paid their subs for this year, but anyone who still needs to make payments please do so asap, we also have several payments from companies, but I can't identify whose memberships these cover, so if your company makes payments for several


members please ask them to identify whose membership the payment covers.

I would like to thank all who took part in the survey, I will be contacting individuals in the near future as non-members they will not see this journal. We have studied all the comments and made a brief summary as shown.

IRE MEMBERSHIP SURVEY 2018 IRE survey results

General Secretary’s Report

IRE survey members vs non-members

Attendance at IRE events

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