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Society of Glass Technology Furnace Solutions attendees

The sun again attended this year’s Furnace Solutions and Training Day together with 100 delegates from as far away as Japan, Costa Rica and the USA including 33 glass engineers from 17 glass companies across the spectrum of Container, Float, and Fibre sectors. Each year the conference attracts more and more glass companies and glass engineers, the SGT’s Melting Technical Committee (MTC) goal is for glass producers to send more of their young engineers.

The MTC is always looking to find new speakers and subjects to keep the conference fresh and relevant. This was acknowledged by Nikolaus Sorg’s Sales Director, Fred Aker, who said:

“This was my first Training Day and Furnace Solutions and I was very impressed with the format and quality of the visitors. The format allowed for a lot of networking and the breaks kept the presentations fresh.

The organization was perfect and you kept things moving on time.

I don't know if I personally can attend regularly but I will recommend that someone from SORG does take part.”

The Training Day was delivered by a mix of very experienced, practical glass engineers and suppliers to the industry who have a passion for glass and engineering and want to pass their knowledge onto the next generation. This year’s Panel Sessions were very dynamic with very good discussions between the floor and the panel.

The Michael Garvey award, for the best paper of Furnace Solutions, was

won by Giorgio Minestrini from Stara Glass who presented Stara and Sperimentale del Vetro (SSV) research to contain NOx and develop a more sustainable glass industry.

The success of Furnace Solutions is based on the importance of the breakout periods where delegates are able to discuss previous papers, meet friends and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. The social side of the conference is well demonstrated with nearly half of the conference delegates enjoying the Geoff Evans Dinner on the Wednesday evening.

Planning for the 2019 Conference is well underway, with offers of papers being given to the MCT before the beginning of this year’s conference! In 2019 the Training Day will focus on the Batch and incorporate a keynote paper to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Institute of Ceramics and the birth of Joseph Mellor. Joseph Mellor published over 100 papers in the Transactions of the British Ceramic Society and was the first Director of Research of the British Refractory Research Association merging with the British Pottery Research Association in 1948 which ultimately became Lucideon. It is therefore fitting that IOM3 have chosen Furnace Solutions Training Day and Lucideon as an appropriate time to celebrate this important year.

Next year’s conference will be on the 5th and 6th June, at Lucideon Stoke- on-Trent. The MCT would welcome abstracts from potential speakers for both the Training Day and Conference. Abstracts should be sent to Christine Brown at by the middle of December 2018.

The Michael Garvey award went to Giorgio Minestrini

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Society of Glass Technology Training Day attendees THE REFRACTORIES



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