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Kuebix.” According

to Gartner’s

2018 Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems, “Cloud has become the dominant delivery mechanism for TMS solutions. Almost all growth in the TMS space comes from cloud TMS offerings.”* Kuebix is a true cloud-

based TMS built on the Force. com platform that offers some of the fastest implementation times in the marketplace, the ability to seamlessly scale to meet the needs of any size

Issue 7 2018 - FBJNA

business and an ease of use that makes adoption and daily use simple for its users.. Even as Kuebix’s customer

base exceeds 10,000 companies, the rapid market growth shows no signs of slowing. Shippers are discovering the benefits of increased control, greater visibility and stronger collaboration afforded by Kuebix’s

technology. As

Kuebix continues to release new services and features, the next three months’ growth are primed to be just as impressive as the last three.

Mixed results at Schiphol Cargo: belly volume up; freighter, down

Mid-year figures at Schiphol Cargo show a 2.3% volume increase in belly cargo figures, as China and the US remain the strongest markets, and an extension of the network leads to growth in Latin America. The year figures show overall

freighter volume has decreased by 2.7% to 843,842 tonnes, compared with 2017, due to a 9.4% decrease in full freighter air transport movements (ATMs) and the ongoing restrictions on slot availability. “The mid-year figures reflect

our expectations for a decrease in overall freighter ATMs as we continue to face capacity constraints,” said Maaike van der Windt, Director Aviation Marketing, Cargo and Customer Experience (ACC). “However, the increase in belly volume is a positive development for Schiphol Cargo due to a slight growth in passenger flights since last year, and an expanded network across Latin America. Shanghai remains

our main destination through the continued increase in e-Commerce in China, reaching more than 31,000 tonnes in the first six months of 2018, followed by the US with more than 22,000 tonnes.” Despite the increase in

e-Commerce, the Asian inbound market was down by 2% to 147,122 tonnes, while outbound decreased by 3% to 150,623 tonnes. European figures show a

7% inbound decline to 55,821 tonnes, compared to the same period last year, and outbound was down by 4% to 59,452 tonnes. The North American market

saw an 11% inbound downfall to 64,768 tonnes, and a decrease in outbound cargo of 4% to 79,055 tonnes. The Latin American market

shows positive growth due to a network extension on the continent with inbound cargo up 9% to 65,255 tonnes, and a 15% increase in outbound cargo

US growth for Antonov 11

ANTONOV Airlines’ North American business is soaring after the company achieved a 142 per cent growth rate on sales from January to July 2018, when compared to the same period last year. The increase in business

activity has been led by the

aerospace and energy

sectors, followed by the defence industry, according to Graham Witton, Managing Director at the UK office ANTONOV Airlines. “Our recent expansion into

the US, with our new office in Houston, Texas, has been pivotal to driving the growth we are witnessing in this market,” said Witton. “Our success is further

buoyed by the return of oil and gas, which has been moving steadily up the ranks – although still not where it once was, we anticipate a continued recovery for the foreseeable future. “We are pleased to see positive

such our

returns investments into

for the

American market, and are further encouraged by the fact that our growth has been

to 40,445 tonnes. The African markets showed

positive outbound results with a 7% increase in cargo to 26,674 tonnes, while inbound cargo decreased by 5% to 56,733 tonnes. The Middle Eastern region

went down by 2% (inbound), and 11% (outbound) to respectively 42,666 and 55,218 tonnes. Van der Windt adds, Schiphol

“Although is facing

slot constraints, we are geared towards maintaining cargo volume in the years to come.”

spread across a good balance of different sectors, which puts us in a strong position for the future.” Under

the the USA, Open Skies

Agreement between Ukraine and

Airlines is the only AN- 124 operator to be granted a blanket exemption for unlimited flights to and from the USA enabling it quickly

to US

demands. The agreement allows

ANTONOV Airlines to carry any type of cargo to or from the US with only a few hours’ notice without the need to obtain U.S. Department of Transport (DoT) statements of authorisation. Witton went on to provide

a few examples of major projects that ANTONOV has managed recently in the North American market, including the delivery of an exhibition that was transported to the Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford, UK earlier this year. The heavy lift specialist

alo handled the relocation of vehicle production lines for


automotive giants Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company, following a series of factory shutdowns and fires. Another project involved

to react customer’s

the transportation of equipment for US singer Taylor Swift’s 2018 world tour, on its leg from Chicago to the UK’s Wembley and Etihad stadiums and return. In the energy sector, Airlines

ANTONOV successfully


giant generators from Chile to Bolivia over a series of 12 flights, which was the longest succession of AN-225 flights in the aircraft’s commercial operating history. The deliveries involved

12 Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Modules, each weighing 160 tonnes, for

Hansa Meyer Global

Transport GmbH & Co, and required bespoke engineering designs and close cooperation with all parties involved. Recently,

Limited (OSRL) and Chapman Freeborn. An ANTONOV An-124 was

used for the flight, which took place in Stravanger in Norway, with the cargo weighing approximately 188 metric tonnes and measuring 5.9 by 6.1 by 7.3 metres. Engineers involved in the

project used the test flight to assess the effect of ‘g’ forces on the capping stack, which until now had never been delivered onboard an aircraft. “We faced a variety of

challenges including limited clearance for the cargo, the weight and size of the capping stack itself and its effect on the flight, as well as the requirement to load it fully assembled, as would have to be the case in an actual oil spill scenario,” explained Witton. “This was a very important


Airlines also took part in a test flight of a capping stack, which will be used in the event of an oil spill, along with its partners Oil Spill Response

test flight, as this represents the first time anyone has transported a capping stack on an aircraft that would be used in the event of an oil spill emergency, enabling a much quicker response anywhere in the world,” added Witton.

Kansas City area attracts DCs

Distribution is on the move in Kansas City. In recent months, the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) has been numerous announcements regarding companies locating the area.


Among them is Turn5, an retailer

that is

opening a new 365,000sq.- ſt. distribution center in Lenexa. The center will serve as an extension of its fulfillment operations that offer aſtermarket automotive products to the company’s clients nationwide. “Kansas City offers a strong

advantage for a company like Turn5,” said Tim Cowden, KCADC president and CEO. “The region’s central location and infrastructure mean 85% of the US population can be reached from Kansas City within two days or less. That equals huge value for eCommerce fulfillment.” In July, KCADC announced

that Convey Health Solutions), a provider of specialized healthcare technology and services for

government-sponsored markets, is opening a new distribution facility in the Kansas City region. Convey is experiencing rapid

growth in its Over-The-Counter (OTC) supplemental benefits business.

Shipping volume is

forecasted to grow more than 50% in 2019, requiring additional capacity. The new facility will employ state-of-the-art shipping technology designed to increase efficiency and streamline the distribution process. With


opening of the Kansas site, Convey’s OTC shipping capacities will more than triple. “As we continue to provide end-

to-end OTC solutions for major health plans in the Medicare and Medicaid markets, we want to operate in a central location to provide better service to our clients and their members,” said Jonathan Starr, Executive Vice President at Convey. “Convey’s OTC benefit administration services are already supported by a robust and purpose-built technology and will now utilize a

technology-focused distribution facility that can economically and efficiently deliver OTC products to members anywhere in the continental United States in 3 days.” With the expansion of

38,000-sq.-ſt. centrally located in Kansas, the new facility will inventory, track, and ship OTC products and supplies nationwide to Medicare and Medicaid members. Convey’s OTC benefits program is designed to help members better manage their day-to-day health while at home, especially for those who are chronically ill and want


maintain independence. A host of other companies are

choosing the Kansas City area for distribution centers. In 2017, Kansas City saw growth in distribution and fulfillment facilities from 100,000 to 1.2 million square feet, which included eCommerce companies like Amazon and Hy-Vee Aisles, major retailers like Dollar Tree, and companies like Spectrum Brands and Horizon Global.

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