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experts also takes care of the wellbeing of the animals at origin, transit and destination, and we do not hesitate to avail external help from subject matter experts whenever needed. Our first and foremost responsibility is the well being of the animal.” In transporting

thoroughbreds, Emirates SkyCargo works with leading international horse transportation companies such as Janah Management and Equitrans to ensure a stress free and safe journey for the horses. Horses also travel with qualified grooms and in some cases with vets to make certain that the horses are in full form when they land.

Airport links

Airports are a critical link in the process, and many around the world have created extensive facilities for loading,

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are transported year. Last year Emirates SkyCargo transported 93 horses in two flights from Liege to Mexico City for the first segment of the journey for the Longines Global Champions Tour in Mexico City, Miami and Shanghai. The Liege Horse Inn offers 55 spacious staffs, a healthcare and check area, veterinary services, loading platform on dollies, special horses flooring and ramps, and hot and cold water. More recently, Rickenbacker

International Airport (LCK), a cargo specialist near

Columbus, Ohio,

announced an expansion and enhancement of its horse- focused capabilities. This resulted in increased demand. Rickenbacker’s world-class animal transport facility is located on the ramp in a quiet area of the airport. It has animal rest stalls and 24/7, on-site support from a local USDA office. It also is a USDA- certified Export Inspection

in the pilot program, are expected to be the first to be certified. But some in the industry

say they have yet to see value from a similar CEIV program for pharmaceuticals, and seem skeptical about the new program for animals. “While we

believe that

good certification programs can be helpful, we are yet to see any true benefits from

Rickenbacker’s world-class animal transport facility is located on the ramp in a quiet area of the airport. (LCK Photo)


the CEIV Pharma program and, consequently, do not use it in our supplier selection and contracting program,” Emirates SkyCargo’s Ambak explains. “For the Live Animals program, we will first have to see the outcome in terms of available services before we build an opinion. Until then we rely on our own audits and reviews to ensure that service providers are up to the job.”

Horses and zoo animals are a prominent aspect of Turkish Cargo’s drive to rapidly expand its cargo business. (Turkish Cargo Photo)

unloading and layover care. One of

the best known is

Lufthansa’s Frankfurt Animal Lounge, a 43,000 square foot facility with 50 employees and comfortable accommodations for any sort of

traveler. Not

only does the Lounge offer stalls for 42 horses; there’s kennels for cats and dogs, and clean, temperature- controlled facilities for all types of animals, including ornamental fish and worms. Other such “animal hotels”

continue to be developed, such as a special area launched at Calgary Airport in 2015, which has access to up to 30,000 square feet of space. Liege Airport in Belgium,

also competes with its Horse Inn. From there more than 3,000 high value horses


Another major issue facing carriers concerns participation in the IATA’s new animal safety and welfare program—the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Live Animal Logistics. CEIV Live Animals certifies that air cargo operations are treating their animals with the highest level of care.

Air Canada Cargo and the

Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, which participated

ACC553_ad_PAC_ENG_072018.indd 1 2018-08-01 5:44 PM

Facility and a permanent Port of Embarkation for livestock. Fewer than 50 such facilities exist in the U.S., and Rickenbacker’s is the only one in Ohio.


Museums and galleries trust Air Canada Cargo to transport priceless artifacts and pieces from their collections around the globe. AC Secure is designed for the safe and secure transport of valuable cargo. From Egyptian artifacts to modern art, we are proud to be trusted to transport the world’s cultural heritage.

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