GCT Deltaport welcomes the ONE Commitment

A long-time partner of Japan’s Ocean Network Express (“ONE”), GCT

Canada welcomed the

carrier’s first magenta container vessel at Canada’s flagship terminal, GCT Deltaport. Operating in the Transport High Efficiency (“THE”) Alliance on its PN2 Asia-North America mainline service, the call represents the maiden voyage for the rebranded ONE COMMITMENT to Canada following the merger of NYK Line, Mitsui OSK, and “K” Line on April 1, 2018. As one of three THE Alliance

services calling Vancouver’s GCT Deltaport, the consortium benefits

from the Global

Container Terminals’ recent $300 million investment that doubles intermodal capacity on its existing

Issue 6 2018 - FBJNA

11 Evergreen Line

invests in Carrier 3,000 Transicold PrimeLINE® systems

footprint to nearly 1.9 million TEUs, improving big ship surge capacity and further improving cargo velocity. “For over a quarter century,

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we have had deep relationships with NYK, MOL, and “K” Line to provide strong, reliable, and efficient service at the Vancouver

Gateway,” said Chris Ng, GCT Canada’s vice president of Sales and Marketing. “With the carriers’ transition to ONE and its participation as part of THE Alliance well into its first year of cooperation, we are pleased to contribute to the continued expansion of the consortium’s

enhanced service network.” The ONE COMMITMENT is

the first magenta vessel in the Southeast China-South China- Taiwan-Tacoma-Vancouver- Japan rotation, and returns every 7 weeks to GCT Deltaport. We look forward to many more visits in the years to come.

Evergreen Line is enhancing its operations with 3,000 containers refrigerated by Carrier Transicold PrimeLINE® units, chosen for their refrigeration performance and power efficiency. The majority of Evergreen

Line’s PrimeLINE units are being installed on 40-foot high-cube containers with

the balance mounted on 20- foot containers, all acquired for replacement. A Carrier Transicold customer since 2002,

Evergreen Line values Carrier Transicold’s


support, particularly in terms of service training. For example, Carrier Transicold

instructors periodically provide refrigeration unit operation and repair programs in connection with other specialized training. This is provided for terminal technicians and ship crews

at the Evergreen Seafarer Training Center in Taiwan near Taipei.

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