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Issue 6 2018 - FBJNA APL Logistics Joins BiTA

APL Logistics has become the latest member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) and is exploring the


blockchain technology within the supply chain. “APL Logistics recognizes the

importance and future value of blockchain. Our industry

must be aligned to develop standards in order to get us all closer to reaping the benefits that can be experienced from this Blockchain movement,”

EIA to be 1st Canadian airport to pursue CEIV Pharma Certification

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) will become the first

airport community in

Canada to pursue a certification in pharmaceutical logistics with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Because pharmaceutical products are oſten required urgently, they are frequently shipped by air. These products require a consistent and stable temperature in the supply chain, from the shipper to the end user. This is to ensure product integrity so that it remains safe for human consumption and

in compliance with strict

pharmaceutical regulations. Achieving this certification

will ensure the airport community meets the highest global standard for transporting pharmaceutical products by air. It is also a vital step in building the cargo connectivity of the Edmonton Metro Region to the rest of the world by providing the shippers with the confidence that our airport community can be a leader in handling and transporting tempera tur e-s ensi ti v e products.

“Edmonton International

Airport is excited to begin the CEIV Pharma Certification with IATA and our partners in air and ground freight,” said Tom Ruth, EIA president and CEO. “With

the emerging pharma

and bio-pharma development and clustering we continue to see in our region, EIA and our key air cargo stakeholders are looking to continuously improve the quality of how pharma cargo is handled, while connecting our airport to the global pharmaceutical network.”

Pasha Hawaii receives new reefer containers

The Horizon Enterprise arrived on the West Coast on June 12, carrying 600 new refrigerated containers as part of Pasha Hawaii’s container replenishment program. The Honolulu, HI-based carrier will take on 600 new 40-foot high cube refrigerated

arrived on the Horizon Enterprise as she returned from her regularly scheduled drydock; the vessel will re-enter the CHX service this week. TheHorizon Enterprise vessel drydock included modifications that will increase the vessel’s capacity for the high-

“The significant, ongoing

investments in vessels and equipment for Pasha Hawaii illustrates our long-term commitment to providing best-in- class service for the people and businesses of Hawaii,” said George Pasha IV, President and CEO. “We

said May Chew, CIO of APL Logistics.

“As a participant in

this alliance, we seek to bring value by leveraging our 170 years of shipping and logistics

experience.” Blockchain technology is

promising to transform the supply chain and change how goods are being transported from manufacturers to freight forwarders, and ultimately the end-consumer. Companies that were previously competitors


will now be able to use this technology to communicate and share information without assuming security risks. BiTA, a neutral organization,

provides the platform where all these discussions and inter- companies’ cooperation can occur.

eBooking unveiled in major Luſthansa Cargo- Freightos launch

While ecommerce sales drove a 9% growth in air freight demand in 2017, manual air freight management and sales continued to cost the industry billions annually in changing fees, untapped capacity, and manual labor. This contributes to the average air cargo transit time of six days, while the flight itself is just hours. That’s now changing, with digital connectivity introduced by Freightos WebCargo and Lufthansa Cargo’s application programming interface (API) services, enabling forwarders to instantly look up contracted rates,


capacity, and book cargo on specific flights

in real-time,

via the world’s leading air cargo platform for forwarders. Lufthansa Cargo and Freightos now enable

customers to instantly view their contracted price online and secure air freight capacity. This will be expanded globally in coming months,

beginning with a

rollout in major European markets. Freightos air freight customers, like Röhlig Logistics, are already

benefiting from improved visibility, instant booking, and increased data exchange accuracy. Global Airfreight Director

of Röhlig Logistics Dirk Schneider explains: “The new functionality enables rapid quoting and booking of our shipments. Röhlig Logistics customers benefit as one of the first through improved information flow and handling of their consignments.”

To provide the optimal

customer experience, Lufthansa Cargo has prioritized technology initiatives, like APIs. “Through Lufthansa Cargo web service, we are driving the digitization of our industry to offer our customers and partners a convenient and fast


interface to our products and services,” says Peter Gerber, CEO, Lufthansa Cargo. Freightos WebCargo

already has the world’s largest air cargo rate database and now enables real-time pricing, capacity and eBooking for the few airlines

like Lufthansa

Cargo with the necessary digital capabilities. If capacity is unavailable, the system also supports manual online ad hoc pricing. Together, this means faster air freight.

Port Canaveral completes upgrade of North Cargo Piers 1, 2

Morton Salt. “Port Canaveral is a strategic asset for Central Florida.


Port Canaveral has completed, ahead of schedule, an eight- month


project to renovate its North Cargo Piers 1 and 2.


project is part of an overall infrastructure


containers and 400 new 45-foot dry containers in 2018. Pasha Hawaii will cycle

equipment, reducing the average age

of refrigerated container

fleet by 2.7 years and 45-foot equipment fleet by 2.4 years. The newly built containers

out older

demand 45-foot equipment by 80 slots per sailing, similar to the updates made to the Horizon Pacific last year. Installation of additional reefer plugs on the M/V Marjorie C has been completed as well, bringing the total from 150 to 220 on the ConRo vessel.

see the 1,000 new containers and continued drydock investment in the Horizon Enterprise as a great way to mark our third year of expanded Hawaii service since the May 2015 deployment of the Marjorie C and the acquisition of Horizon Lines’ Hawaii service.”

plan to maximize usability of existing bulkhead space at the port. Construction included new concrete decking, marine fenders, bollards and concrete curbs.

During all

phases of construction, two adjoining piers remained fully-functional to ensure uninterrupted operations at Seaport Canaveral fuel storage and distribution facilities and

vitally important that our capabilities keep pace with the economic growth of our region,” stated Captain John Murray, Port CEO.

restoration of North Cargo Piers 1 and 2 ensure we have the ability to meet our current cargo projections while keeping us well positioned for the future.” The reconstruction effort

involved removing and replacing approximately 13,520 sq ſt of concrete pier deck, repairing existing concrete pile

caps, and applying a

cathodic protection system, which prolongs the lifespan of

the steel reinforcement. “The curbs.


existing concrete pier deck was repaired by mechanically removing and


an additional 5,070 sq ſt of concrete topping, installing new marine fenders, bollards and concrete


potable water piping, water station manifolds and concrete enclosures were also installed. GLF Construction Corp.

from Miami performed the work on the project, which began in October 2017. Total investment in the project was just over $4 million. The Port was awarded a Florida Seaport Transportation Economic Development (FSTED) grant to match 50-percent of the project’s cost.

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