SPONSORED FEATURE Seamless surfaces achieved with Osmo UK

JGDecorator was contracted to renovate and refresh a composite oak kitchen worktop and shelving area in a family home. Thanks to its hardwearing properties and aesthetically pleasing finish, Osmo UK Polyx®

-Oil was the ideal choice to

rejuvenate the high traffic surfaces. The kitchen has a classic countryside look to it, so the client requested a natural finish that wouldn’t distract from design of the room. Due to Osmo UK finishes being very viscid and containing both oil and wax, the wood

absorbs the finish to provide a smooth surface, resulting in the extra level of sanding not being required. Once dried, the finish achieved a rich semi sheen, completing the country kitchen look. Protect furniture with paints from TeknosPro

TeknosPro’s Futura Aqua 20 was used by Jan Jankowski from JJ Painting Services, a professional painter and decorator with a focus on kitchens and indoor furniture, to protect his customers’ furniture. The homeowners requested a coating for their furniture that was not only visually appealing; they also wanted protection from wear and tear. Futura Aqua 20 was the perfect choice. Futura Aqua 20, is a semimatt paint specially designed for use on furniture. Jan Jankowski prefers to use

TeknosPro products instead of others across the coatings market because they are more durable than other water-based paints in the industry and, as a result, are able to give an excellent finish.

FIXTURES & FINISHES Adhesive & sealant is THE DOG’S B*LL*CKS

EVO-STIK has introduced THE DOG’S B*LL*CKS - a new, all-in-one adhesive and sealant with advanced hybrid SMP technology that sticks and seals virtually anything, anywhere, even in the wet. THE DOG’S B*LL*CKS combines a high strength, multi-purpose adhesive and a flexible, anti-mould sealant in a single cartridge. It’s solvent free, overpaintable and can also be used for gap filling, roof repair, or as a decorator’s caulk. Suitable for use on most building materials indoors and

out, THE DOG’S B*LL*CKS is waterproof, UV resistant and is available in six colours, including Crystal Clear. For more information please contact EVO-STIK or visit their website.

01785 272625 EVO-STIK launches new Adhesive Foam

EVO-STIK has added to its foam range with the introduction of a new, fast curing Plasterboard Adhesive Foam. Available in hand held or gun applied options, the adhesive foam will stick plasterboard, insulation board and expanding polystyrene quickly and easily, with minimal mess or waste. It can also be used to bond most common building substrates including stone, concrete, brick, metal and wood. With no mixing required prior to application, the adhesive foam is tack-free

in as little as eight minutes and offers the additional benefit of noise reduction up to 61dB, as well as improved insulation. The Plasterboard Adhesive Foam forms part of EVO-STIK’s comprehensive foams range.

01785 272625

Floor styling with Bona H

ow do you give an old wood floor a fresh new look? The Swedish floor-care company, Bona, has come up with a new concept to inspire homeowners to renovate and update the look of their floors. It’s called Bona Inspiration and it consists of five stylish looks that reflect emerging trends - all developed in cooperation with Swedish trend analyst, Cay Bond.

Renovate or replace? It is an agonizing decision for many homeowners. Floor styling with Bona Inspiration offers a unique solution. It gives consumers the best of both worlds by delivering fashionable new looks – everything from brushed and oiled finishes to pale lacquered or dark rustic looks - without the cost or environmental impact replacing the floor.

The concept was developed in close co-operation with the renowned Swedish trend analyst, Cay Bond. Cay believes that a home showcases your

july/august 2018

personal identity more than anything else. “The floor has an incredibly important role to play in this, and a cleverly restored floor can change a room and a home dramatically,” she says.

Guided by Cay’s eye and expertise, the new range offers visual effects that are in line with emerging trends. Moreover, homeowners are not restricted to making minor modifications to their existing floors. They can also create a brushed and

oiled effect where none existed before. Bona’s Product Manager, Patrik Mellnert, sums it up neatly: “By using Bona Inspiration to style your floors, you can do magic with an existing floor in just a few hours.”

• The concept includes the Nordic Shimmer range, with its four stylish variants that capture the tranquil Nordic spirit.

• For a choice of three rustic looks to bring out your inner garden, choose Garden Atmosphere. • In contrast, New Modern is a style for comfort and self-expression that goes beyond trends and traditions. • Malibu Dreams is the essence of California: warm and welcoming, free-spirited and rustic, but above all chic. • Finally, there is Touch of Grace for when you want to keep a hectic lifestyle calmly grounded.

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