MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Maintaining Our Foothold on Excellence G

reetings. As you might already know, I was elected president of ASCA’s Board of Directors this past April. As president, I look forward to using this space to discuss

some of the important issues confronting ASCs and helping to define our practices and policies and the care we deliver to our patients. Let’s start with a high-level overview of three critical areas: quality, safety and

regulatory compliance. You probably know the adage: “You are only as good as the people you are with.”

Well, it pretty much applies to everything. In the ASC community, it means that all of us must maintain a daily focus on excellence

and on how we demonstrate the best in clinical care, customer service and safety. As we continue to see the shift of cases from the traditional hospital setting to ASCs, we must measure, document and analyze our data to ensure we are getting the results we are aiming for while maintaining a safe, comfortable environment. We are in the most regulated industry in the world: health care. We must assure that the care we provide and the facilities we maintain comply with all the standards and regulations that apply and encourage more centers to seek Medicare certification and/or accreditation, which both support and recognize top-quality care. In the future, all of us will be called upon to collect more data that is meaningful and representative of the cases performed in ASCs. As ongoing advancements in anesthesia, technology and techniques continue to make it possible for ASCs to perform growing numbers of complex procedures in all specialties, ASCs must collect data on these procedures and translate this information for both consumers and the agencies responsible for overseeing the safety and quality ASCs provide. As ASCs continue to be the choice for outpatient care, we need to prove that our care is not only cost-effective but safe and top-quality for all the procedures we perform. I have always told my team members we are in a profession, not a job, and that requires

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constant challenging of the status quo and routine access to continuing education. At times this means investing in technology, training and staff. ASCA provides a variety of opportunities for everyone who works in and with ASCs to get the education and resources you need to improve your facility, solve problems and keep your skills current: this magazine, ASCA’s webinars, ASCA News Digest and ASCA’s Government Affairs Update to name a few. One of the most important educational encounters we offer is the ASCA annual conference. At these annual conferences, we invite presenters who can speak to ASC- specific problems and offer solutions that you can take back to your ASC, deploy and use to challenge your team to be its best. It is never too early to start planning for ASCA 2019 in Nashville, May 15–18 next year. As we continue to make the ASC industry the solution for the future, we all need to

keep abreast of the issues. To do that effectively, we all need to maintain relationships with ASCA, our state ASC associations and each other.

Larry Taylor, CASC President of ASCA’s Board of Directors


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