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Enriching the retail experience

However necessary in the short

term, store closures

and staff cuts do little to en- courage consumers back into spending money in bricks- and-mortar stores.

Hub 2 on its way

From early next year, buyers of Microsoft hardware will have a new touchscreen option and one with a new tiling feature that takes Hub 2 into compe- tition with Oblong Industries’ Mezzanine and other mul- tiscreen solutions. Speaking at UC Expo last month, Oblong’s Mary Ann de Lares Norris was not overly concerned saying in effect that the Microsoft an- nouncement prove the value of the multi-screen Mezzanine concept.

Microsoft says that Surface Hub 2 was designed from the ground up to be used by teams – to get people out of their seats, to connect and ‘ideate’, regardless of location. Other benefits are that the new Sur- face Hub 2 is sleeker, more agile and more affordable to fit any workspace or work style. Surface Hub 2 scales and adapts to the user’s space

through tiling up to 4 screens together in portrait or land- scape view.

Dynamic rotation

allows the user to use the best orientation for your content to help people work in the way that best suits them and the people they are collaborating with. It is also significantly easier to move around

the workspace

than its predecessor. Microsoft has teamed up with workplace expert Steelcase to create a system of rolling stands and easy-to-use mounts to help Sur- face Hub 2 customers be truly mobile, gain a new perspective and capture their ideas wherev- er they do their best work. In 2018 Microsoft will begin to test Surface Hub 2 with se- lect commercial customers. It will be available for purchase in 2019. For additional informa- tion on Surface Hub 2 please visit: face/business/surface-hub-2

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Collaboration solutions for decision support

With rich media and digital presentations for use as part of the decision-making process,a multiscreen collab- orative solution mihjt be the ideal solution.

InFocus SimpleShare for wireless presentation

InFocus Corporation has an- nounced SimpleShare, a point- to-point presentation solution for wireless connectivity and sharing of

videos, presentation, docu-

ments, data and more. A true cable replacement, SimpleShare is device-agnostic and allows us- ers to share high-definition video

conference room solution with three transmitters and a charging station; SimpleShare Touch Pre- sentation System (INA-SIMINT1) supports up to three presenters with wireless touch control from a touch display panel, and allows users to annotate on anything they present from their source de-

Maverick to partner on HP Elite Slice

A true cable replacement, SimpleShare is device-agnostic and allows users to share high-definition video and sound wirelessly to any dis- play with an HDMI input

and sound wirelessly to any dis- play with an HDMI input, from any PC, Mac, DVD player, tablet, camcorder and many other devic- es in real time. Available in three bundled solu- tions, there is a SimpleShare package

for every application.

The base model SimpleShare (INA-SIMS1) includes one transmitter and receiver perfect for a small meeting room; Sim- pleShare Presentation System (INA-SIMPS1) is a complete

“Tiling is one of the really great features on Surface Hub 2. Seeing four Surface Hub 2s lined up together has undeniable visual effect and will have a profound impact on what groups can accomplish together.”

Angekis has launched the Tole- do AT-01, a small form factor, all-in-one videoconferencing unit fitted with a microphone, audio and a wide-angle cam- era. At 235 x 62 x 62 mm, the Toledo is small in stature making it lightweight and por- table. This portability, and it’s plug and play features, make the Toledo ideal for people

vice, as well as draw and write on a built-in digital whiteboard. True to all InFocus collabora-

tion products, the SimpleShare platform was designed with in- formation security top of mind. SimpleShare utilizes WPA2, the most secure encryption method available, developed by the Wi- Fi Alliance. Servicing a radius of 15 meters from the receiver, the AES-CCMP algorithm used is a cipher key encryption changes at varying intervals.

working from home and busi- ness workers who are always on the move. The Toledo is equally at home

in a small/medium sized con- ference room seating 6-10 peo- ple, where quality video and audio are required, at a value for money price tag. The video is provided via a HD 1080p camera, with an impressive

Maverick AV Solutions has part- nered with HP and Logitech to deliver the HP Elite Slice solu- tion as part of its collaboration portfolio. Built with excellent video and audio quality in mind, the HP Elite Slice desktop de- vice provides seamless video meetings on your preferred plat- form, in rooms of any size, all at the touch of a finger. Its stylish and compact design allows the device to sit on any desktop discreetly, supports multiple monitors via HDMI and digital DisplayPort and incorporates a powerful PC, which is secure, simple and affordable. The new solutions,


ured and validated by HP and Logitech, provide all-in-one systems designed for optimal performance and compatibility, as plug ‘n’ play devices for com- plete ease of use. For example, the Huddle Room Kit, with Log- itech BRIO Webcam and K400 Professional Touch Keyboard, offers capabilities for meeting rooms of up to 6 people, while the Conference Kit supports up to 15, utilising HP’s Collabo- ration PC alongside Logitech’s Group. Each solution is scalable and flexible, delivering excellent video meeting systems which

respond to a variety of challenges and customer needs. The Kits are simple to deploy with the inclusion of the customisable Quicklaunch SE software. Simon Kitson, General Manager for Maverick AV Solutions Europe comments,

“The HP Elite Slice solution is a shining example of true collabora- tion and the simple, seamless in- tegration and user experience that Maverick AV Solutions continues to offer its resellers and their end-us-

The direct channel to the industry

The HP Elite Slice desktop device provides seamless video meet- ings on your preferred platform, in rooms of any size, all at the touch of a finger.

ers. As worldwide experts in SRS technology, we’re pleased to be working in partnership with indus- try leaders who understand people and processes and can offer versa- tile and trusted products as part of our solutions.”

Improved team collaboration at reduced cost

120-degree field of view. Audio pick up is 360 degrees over a 3m radius. Natural voice quality is achieved with an omnidirectional microphone incorporating echo suppression and noise reduction technology.

Angekis products are distribut- ed exclusively by Tukans Ltd in the UK.

Angekis produces a range of collaborative technologies.


Logitech‘s MeetUp ConferenceCam & Dell Large Format Display

Logitech_Ad_AV_Mag_MeetUP_Dell_266x40_0518.indd 1 27.04.18 09:05

Available now to order:

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