ViewSonic 321 Summer Offer experience on the go.

ViewSonic Europe has announced the launch of its 321 (Three to One) sum- mer offer. For every three ViewSonic In- teractive Flat Panels (IFPs) purchased, the company is giving away one brand new M1 ultra-portable projector. The promotion runs from the 1st June to 28th September 2018 and includes any products in its IFP50 series – ranging from 55 to 86 inches. The recently-launched M1 is the newest addition to ViewSonic’s pro- jector range. Winner of the iF De- sign Award 2018, the M1 combines high-performance LED projection with a stylish and intuitive design – deliv- ering a vivid and immersive viewing

Finding and booking a free meeting room has topped the list of office bugbears for UK workers – according to new research. Over three quarters (77%) of UK workers revealed booking a meeting room is the most frustrating aspect of working in an office. The study, conducted by Redston- eConnect, found having to ask col- leagues to leave a room they’d booked was the most annoying thing about office-based meetings, with actually booking the meeting room and getting the phone or computer in the room to work, following closely.

The cause of meeting room woes stems from the difficultly in booking free rooms. A third (33%) of UK workers reported they spend more than 30 min- utes every week trying to book meeting room space during the average week. The study found the most common way to book free rooms is via email Outlook, yet an overwhelming 70% of office workers feel this system is woefully inadequate.

Contrary to our perception of being a conflict-averse bunch, less than a third (23%) of Brits feel embarrassed or

Application showcase

Signagelive takes Chancellors Estate Agents digital up to 54%, so the brighter and

One of the UK’s leading estate agents, Chancellors has trans- formed its window display with innovative new window tech- nology to give passers-by more particulars and attract atten- tion on the high street. Installed by AV and IT spe- cialists, Pioneer Group, the displays enable Chancellors to embrace digitisation as a means of showcasing its prop- erty portfolio and latest offers. Not only does it reduce printing costs and time spent updating particulars,

its high impact

visuals command more atten- tion to the Windsor store. Re- search shows that professional displays can increase sales by

more eye-catching the visuals, the better.

The Chancellors’ team were keen to increase the footfall to their branch by showcasing and bringing to life their latest properties with cutting edge digital signage. Pioneer Group installed a powerful video wall solution from Samsung with ad- vanced colour calibration and seamless bezel design, with four of their UD46E-A models. Held in place with a B-Tech System X bolt down video wall stand, the display elevates visu- al messaging and content with a seamless image and impres- sive clarity.


Signagelive is used to auto- the

digital advertising

processes at Chancellors and run a combination of real-time property feeds on rotation, which can be updated from anywhere in the country by the team at Chancellors.


Childerhouse, Sales Director, Pioneer Group commented: “We always strive to deliver the best service to our custom- er, which is why we were keen to

cause minimal disruption

to Chancellors’ working hours. Buying a property is a life changing decision and Chan- cellors’ investment in a display solution which best represents their properties demonstrates


an approach which is customer orientated and forward think- ing.

Qesku, Director of

Sales, Signagelive added: “Property management is an ever-increasing competitive field. Thus, companies need to look at differentiating their ser- vices from the rest. This is ex- actly where technology can be utilised to its full benefits and impact in a positive manner the customer journey. Signage- live enables this journey to be easily managed by allowing the right content to be sent at the right screen at the right time. Through the thoughtful project management and installation

process of partners such as Pioneer it ensures clients such as Chancellors can be left to

do what they do best - show off the latest properties without any delay.”

Tony White, AV Product Manag- er at ViewSonic Europe commented: “Interactive Flat Panels have had a significant impact on the UK market, improving engagement and collabora- tion in both corporate and education environments. Many end-users also require flexible AV solutions to com- plement their day-to-day needs, that is why we are offering UK resellers the chance to receive our award-winning M1 projector absolutely free.” For full terms and conditions,

please visit:

[ mos/2018/321-summer-offer/]

Biggest office bugbear revealed awkward about kicking out colleagues

who have stolen their pre-booked meet- ing room – with more than two-thirds (69%) having to ask cheeky colleagues to leave rooms more than three times a week. The time wasted trying to book meeting rooms is frustrating many across the country, with over half (59%) revealing it significantly hinders their productivity at work. Mark Braund, CEO of RedstoneCon- nect said: “Booking meeting rooms is clearly one of the most stressful parts of working in a UK office. People tend to book spaces and then not use them, blocking others from taking advantage of the facilities. This leads to the inac- curate perception there is insufficient capacity.” “We need to provide the technologi-

cal infrastructure that supports agile working where individuals are able to work wherever suits at that time. With new platforms that help visualise what space and assets are available at any time, staff can make the most of their environment, rather than not using a room because it has been'booked'.”

BrightSign powers Dubai store signage network

BrightSign has announced that the Emirates’ newest and most prestigious department store, the 200,000 sq. ft. flag- ship Robinsons, in the Dubai Festival Centre Mall, features an extensive networked digi- tal signage installation based entirely on BrightSign players, and created by digital media specialist DigiComm.

Dubai is the first Middle East location for Singapore-based Robinson & Co. The 200,000 sq. ft. store is the largest store in Dubai and includes a 15,000 sq. ft. concession from the British store John Lewis, focused on homewares as well as an IKEA concession. The store promises customers access to over 500 fashion, beauty and homeware brands including over 100 that are exclusive to the store. Screens driven by 47 networked Bright- Sign players, are central to the marketing of these brands in- store. The digital signage cre- ated and installed throughout the three-storey department store by DigiComm consists of a video wall, LED screens, brand columns, commercial screens and way-finders. Ibrahim Bakhani, Director at DigiComm commented: “We chose BrightSign


ers to power this installation because they were the best product available, offering all of the functionality we need- ed. BrightSign is reliable and incredibly easy to use and install. The players are also compact and sit neatly behind

each screen, emitting very lit- tle heat. We have been using BrightSign players for many years and they really are ‘fit and forget’ units – they need no management or updating, and failures are almost un- heard of.” He continued, “We are now in talks with Robinsons about providing a similar instal- lation for a new store they will be opening in Malaysia.” Custom built 55” LED screens powered by BrightSign XD233 players welcome shoppers at entrances on each of the three levels. Shoppers are presented with Robinsons’ branding and information about current pro- motions in store such as Janu- ary sales. A further LED screen which overlooks a promenade area with a creek replicates these messages. BrightSign XD233 players also deliver con- tent to a 3 x 3 screen video wall with 47” displays, which intro- duces the John Lewis home- ware area. Within each department, Digi- Comm has located brand col- umns with portrait 49” screens attached on either side. These promote specific brands with video content provided by those brands. Each floor also has a VIP check out area where land- scape 55” screens are used to

display Robinsons’ saging and advertise mes- in-store

promotions to the store’s most wealthy customers. All these displays are powered by Bright- Sign LS423 players. On each floor, DigiComm has provided two or three 49”

Digital signage powered by BrightSign at Robinson & Co. department store.

touchscreen way-finders, driven by BrightSign XD1033 players. These way-finders direct cus- tomers not only to departments but also to specific brands and provide information about the brands and products. Interac- tivity content are entirely man- aged by the BrightSign players running BrightAuthor software. DigiComm created a cable and wireless LAN network to deliver content to the players. Many of the players are Wi-Fi enabled to simplify connectiv- ity. Content is managed in an in-store media room which uses BrightAuthor on a central PC to control content on all screens across the three floors. Bakhrani added: “Initially the DigiComm team managed the content, but we were able to hand this function over to the store staff very quickly. We pro- vided training and support to

help them get up to speed, and the drag-and-drop interface within BrightAuthor proved to be very intuitive and straight- forward so that non-technical staff were quickly comfortable with it.”

Robinson & Co. Limited is a

retail company which has de- partment stores in Singapore and Malaysia. The company owns the Robinsons depart- ment

store, John Little


Singapore and has franchise outlets of Marks and Spencer in both countries. The com- pany has grown into one of the country's most renowned department stores. Robinsons celebrated its 150th Anniver- sary in 2008.


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