Learn, celebrate and reward (oh and enjoy the best fry-up in Amsterdam!)

AV News Awards 2019 Presentation ISE RAI Amsterdam 5 February 2019

In August, nominations open for the 2019 AV News Awards Programme.

The AV News Awards have a special place within Eu- rope’s audio-visual industry, being focused on the people and community that make the business work. The Awards recognise the contribution made by the individuals in the labs and R&D centres, the sales and marketing teams and those involved in training and support for the technologies and services that com- prise AV solutions.

The Awards also recognise excellence in AV technolo- gies and in the channel that delivers them to market. AV News is delighted that the Awards again attracted a strong group of nominees and would like to extend its thanks to all those who undertook the task of filling in the forms, and to the Award sponsors who again made the whole thing possible.

GOLD Sponsors 2019

“Proud to be a sponsor of the AV News awards this morning! We used our A3 Pro, 3.9 mm LED, to create the presentation screen!” PSCo

“Delighted to bring back a lovely award from #ISE2018 from @AVNewsUK recognising the wonderful work of our UK marketing team!” NEC UK Ltd Displays

“Promethean are delighted to have won the @ AVNewsUK Award of 'AV Market development initiative of the year' at @ISE_Show” Promethean UK

Award Winners 2018

“Great start to #ISE2018 our PN-V701 video wall is the @AVNewsUK Digital Signage Innovation 2018” Sharp Europe

“Congratulations to Adam Kingshott, @Sa- haraAV Marketing Manager, celebrating 12 months in the job with an AV News Award.” Sahara

“Thrilled to be taking home an @AVNewsUK #avnewsawards #ise2018” Focus 21

“Great to see these gorgeous ladies in red at #ISE2018! Congrats on your big win yesterday @PeerlessAV @PeerlessAVEU #AVNewsAwards” Peerless-AV

“Thank you very much for the unexpected but greatly appreciated #avnewsawards my crazy ideas would not have become a reality with- out the development, sales and support of our amazing @Signagelive team.” Signagelive


If you would like to put your company, your solutions and your team at the forefront of the industry, call Sue Pritchard on 0845 379 9988 or email for a copy of the AV News Awards 2019 Prospectus.

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