The best new music coming straight outt a Norwich

It’s the subtlety of his music that really gets to you. This is Time Stands Still music where far from being transported somewhere else it roots you to the spot and makes you want to listen. Rob Milne is a multi-instrumentalist who plays wonderful Jazz.



“My dad is an amateur pianist with an amazing ear,” Rob told us, “so it’s always been a part of my life. About 20 years ago I started clarinet lessons at the age of 8 but there are embarrassing cassette tapes of me singing and playing a toy casio keyboard recorded on a Fisher-Price tape recorder even younger than that!”

Rob has come a long way since then making music that feels both simple and complex at the same time. It has touches of sax, drums, guitar

and electro. The trained ear could probably unravel it all but why would you want to? Just experience it, don’t spoil the moment with analysis.

You can only title a track “The Stars Look On Without Comment” and simply call the album it’s on Rob Milne if you can make the music live up to it. It’s on Bandcamp, so have a listen.

“I’m interested in exploring ways of combining my jazz background with all the weird possibilities of electronic music and this time around I wanted to make something a bit dark. I was reading Schopenhauer and feeling pessimistic.” Rob has recently come back from a big concert in Zagreb, but you can catch him with his other band Nebula Sun on Saturday 7th July on our Introducing stage in Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich.

Now we have an artist who is no stranger to BBC Introducing. Mark Bryan, aka tHE bLUE rOOM, blew his house deposit in hisearly 20’s oninstruments and hasn’t stopped making music since

The artist name comes from the ambulances that used to go by Mark’s window when he was living in London. In fact Mark has been something of a traveller – at one time taking himself off to Columbia to write music. It all seems to have paid off for this writer-producer creating wonderfully chilled, melodic and rhythmic music.

He may have been something of a late starter in music but he’s making up for lost time now. Over the last year Mark has sent in a steady stream of songs to BBC Music Introducing in Norfolk and

we’ve been more than happy to put them on-air. In the past Mark has used his own vocals but of late has been working with American artist Emily Coy who he met on Soundcloud. “Her vocal is so soulful and perfect it just guides you along in the writing process,” Mark told us, “It’s like riding a bike with stabilisers, you can’t fall”.

We won’t have to wait much longer for more music from tHE bLUE rOOM as a new 12 track album ‘Mess It Up’ is being released on the 23rdJune. Expect variety – from catchy pop to soulful jazz all laced with the, “vintage yet current,” beautiful voice of Emily Coy.

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