‘that’s a really funny question, you wouldn’t to ask a guy that’. But I definitely think for Hot Pink it was deliberate [laughs]. The video for Hot Pink is pretty striking. Where was it shot? Rosa: It was shot in Ibiza. Because we wrote the song in LA with SOPHIE, all of the imagery we imagined for the video was tropical palm trees, sunsets... not the sort of thing you can get in the UK [laughs]. So we decided to go to Ibiza! Did you get up to much else while you were out there? Rosa: No, we flew back the next day. But it was still the closest to a holiday we’ve had in a while... Will you take a break before your upcoming tour? Rosa: Yeah, we’ve got a few things to do, but it requires the time. Jenny: I mean, we’re kind of always low-key working, but we’re not working

as hard as we have been. How are you feeling about the US and Canada leg of the tour? Jenny: Really excited. We’ve never done a full, really extensive US tour. It’s nice actually being at home at the moment in Norwich - we’re just in my bedroom right now. I don’t know, we just really like being here. We’ve got a show coming up here, and we’re really excited about that. It’s probably the show that I’m looking forward to most. Great! So what are your favourite aspects of the Norwich music circuit? Jenny: We actually have a lot of friends on the Norwich music circuit. Obviously, it’s personal to us because this is where we’re from. I feel like there’s a really nice sense of community within young people making music in Norwich, especially because of the [Access Creative College]. We went there, we have

“I feel like there’s a really nice sense of community within young people making music in Norwich”

friends who study there, and everyone goes to each other’s gigs to support each other. For example we went to one of the SKYNT gigs last Thursday. Where are your favourite places to play in Norwich? Rosa: We haven’t played in Norwich for quite a long time, over a year, but we really like the [Norwich Arts Centre]. Jenny: I do really like Epic as well… Rosa: I like the Birdcage, to be honest! Yeah, I think the Birdcage and Epic are hidden gems. So, what can Norwich expect from your upcoming gig? Rosa: New stuff! New stuff, not much old stuff. Jenny: Hopefully we’ve improved our stuff quite a lot since we’ve last played here, because it was so long ago. Rosa: We’re probably really bad [laughs]...

Wedalei Chibelushi

Let’s Eat Grandma play Epic Studios on July 5th 2018

For more informations and for tickets visit


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