1044, Dondolo las Marismas, etc. (all by Don Schufro); and Sancette, Polka Hit Nexen, Valeron, etc. (all by Sandro Hit). Furthermore, Oldenburg stallion Contango moved up the WBFSH dressage sire ranks, thanks to the great international successes of his son Ravel.

Te Great Donnerhall Te legendary stallion Donnerhall deserves special mention.

Tis robust liver chestnut stallion was born in 1981 and went on to become one of the world’s most successful dressage stallions under his rider Karin Rehbein. Bred by Otto Gärtner of East Holstein, Donnerhall was by the Grand Prix dressage stallion Donnerwetter, and out of the mare Nanette by Markus. Nanette incidentally carried the aforementioned stallion Condor in her pedigree, and Markus was also sired by one of the transformative Toroughbred stallions, Manolete xx. Donnerhall very successfully absolved his stallion

performance test in 1984, placing second out of 70 horses with a score of 131.92. With his exceptional work ethic and trainability, he was easily schooling most of the Grand Prix movements only a few years later. Donnerhall had a stellar

Legendary stallion Donnerhall.

career as a dressage horse, winning some of the most prestigious competitions, including over 65 FEI Grand Prix Dressage classes and a life earning of D.M. 640,000. He was 1986 German DLG Champion in Hanover, beating the very athletic Hanoverian stallion World Cup I (sire of the illustrious Weltmeyer).

In 1994, Donnerhall was named German Champion at Mannheim and won the team gold and individual bronze at the Dressage World Championship in 1994. He again won team gold and individual bronze at the European Dressage Championship in 1997 in Verden. In 1997, he also won the World Cup European League. Donnerhall earned his third team gold while finishing fourth individually at the 1998 Dressage World Championship, and he was named Oldenburg Stallion of the Year in 1998. While his show ring accomplishments are exemplary, it is his accomplishments as a sire that cemented his place at

44 May/June 2018 SPECIAL Oldenburg SECTION

the top of dressage breeding statistics for many years. In fact, very few—if any—stallions have ever combined show ring success with breeding success as well as Donnerhall. Because he was stationed a fair distance from the main Oldenburg breeding area, his first few years at stud did not produce many offspring, but his popularity grew tremendously once breeders saw the same trainability and work ethic in his offspring that he himself exhibited. For many years, he held the highest dressage breeding value, and produced over 75 approved stallion sons, even more State Premium mares, and well over 500 performance horses—including many successful Grand Prix mounts. Even today —sixteen years after his death—Donnerhall descendants are coveted by amateur and professional riders alike.

Other Distinguished Stallions And what would the world of dressage be like without the

renowned stallion Rubinstein I? Although Westfalen-born and branded, Rubinstein I was given his first chance at breeding when he was licensed by the Oldenburg Verband, and he stood his entire career at the Oldenburg stud farm Gestuet Vorwerk, where he became a breeding legend. With numerous approved stallion sons, States Premium daughters, and top performance horses to his credit, Rubinstein’s influence will long be felt in sport horse breeding through- out the world. Some of his best known stallion sons include Relevant, 00 Seven, Rohdiamant, Royal Diamond, Regazzoni, Rotspon, Magic Ronaldo, Rosario, Rosenthal, Rubignon and others. Rubinstein I finished in the #4 position on the WBFSH dressage sire rankings, followed by #6 in 2009, #11 in 2010, #12 in 2011 and #15 in 2012. Nowadays, it is the stamping stallion Sandro Hit who is leading the charge toward a more modern type of dressage horse. Known for throwing elegant, long-legged offspring with a great deal of rhythm and joint articulation at the trot and big, uphill canters, this black Oldenburg stallion was the 6-year-old World Young Horse Dressage Champion and Bundeschampionat (German Federal Champion). He has since founded his own dressage dynasty, with many descendants selling for record prices at auctions throughout Germany, dominating the Young Horse classes in Europe and North America, and now also moving up through the FEI ranks. In the USEF sire rankings for dressage, Sandro Hit was ranked #1 in 2010, 2011 and 2012, followed by #2 in 2013, and today currently stands at #8. v

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