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ooking to make a unique impression with profiles? Look no further than Schlüter®


Combining Schlüter’s reliable profile technology with integrated LED strips, this innovative lighting solution protects and accents tile and stone installations. Schlüter®


allow for coloured and white LEDS on a single strip, giving the ultimate freedom for creating coloured light and temperature- controllable white light, which can be selected from 2500 K to 6500 K. If your client is looking for a particular ambience or to bring brand colours into the design, then the system can be programmed from 16 million colours easily selected via a Bluetooth app and remote control. Suitable for moisture-rich rooms, the

LED strips are completely encapsulated and conform to IP67 protection rating, allowing subtle detail to be incorporated into the smallest rooms in a house, hotel,

NFTMMS Member renovates Historic Ceramic Mosaic floor at major Stately Home

Restoring the historic ceramic mosaic floor in the game larder at one of the UK’s leading historic houses has been undertaken by National Federation of Terrazzo, Marble and Mosaic Specialists (NFTMMS) member JW Restoration. According to Federation spokesperson Brian James, this exemplifies the quality of the skills and craftsmanship of NFTMMS members which can produce the most spectacular results. The game larder, which dates from 1909, was used to hang game that was shot on the Estate. It became derelict following the arrival of modern refrigeration techniques and was subsequently used to house chickens in the 1950s and 60s. The initial report revealed that the large octagonal mosaic floor was missing large sections of ceramic tiles, called tesserae, and there was damage where the original internal metal work had been removed. JW Restoration hand cut the tesserae to the correct size and appearance to match the original precisely. They worked from a rubbing of a section of the mosaic which allowed them to replicate the fan pattern of the original and the missing sections were then made in their workshop and transported to the stately home for the installation. FILAMARBLE AID launches in the UK

FILA has launched a new protective treatment for natural stone surfaces. New FILAMARBLE AID is an odour- less, solvent-free treatment that protects against the aggression of staining, blocking the damaging effects of acids, alkalines, stains and heat. It creates a natural-look polished barrier for stone, marble, limestone and travertine that won’t yellow, discolour or create an ‘acrylic’ look. FILAMARBLE AID has a safe, water-based formulation, with a low VOC content. It can be applied to new and existing surfaces, where it ‘buys time’ by giving protection for up to 24 hours. Unlike traditional treatments, which are UV-cured and removed by grind- ing, the new protector is applied onto a clean dry surface, in two coats, with a short-hair applicator. It can then be easily removed, if necessary, with FILANOPAINT STAR and re-applied. The new treatment is ideal for all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and is certified safe for food preparation areas. As well as post instal- lation application, it can also be applied ‘in-line’ as a factory finish, to give protection before fitting. FILAMAR- BLE AID is a two-component treatment and it gives approximately 9.2 m2

of coverage per 233 ml package. 01584 877286

or wherever your imagination takes you. LIPROTEC can be experienced in action at

49 Leather Lane, an exciting showroom of tile and stone, created as a collaborative venture between Pentagon Tiles, Schlüter- Systems and Ardex. The solution’s application as meeting room and wetroom accent light-

ing, as well as within statement displays, demonstrates just a couple of the impressive range of specification possibilities. For more information, visit the dedicated product website.

01530 813396



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