to one of the courtyards.

Landscaped gardens are found through- out the site, with individually named courtyards dotted through the development, each with its own unique style and function, and securely designed to enable residents to enjoy them in safety. One such courtyard holds a community garden for growing vegetables, offering familiar outdoor activity to those moving from properties with land. Age UK has opened a day centre in the building, allowing residents to meet up with friends and make new ones. A range of activities are held in the centre, where residents are encouraged to join in and build a sense of community, and the charity also sells cooked meals. The centre provides an additional, lively hub to the scheme, full of life and happy residents.

Farrow Court has its own hair salon, run by an external hair and beauty firm, and open six days a week. It’s not only for residents, but also friends, family and the local community. A therapy room is used by a regular chiropodist, as well as for beauty treatments. For basic amenities, a grocery shop is to open soon, for the use of all residents and the public, and laundry facilities are available on a pay per use basis.

Design for dementia

The scheme is the first fully dementia- friendly housing scheme in the borough of


Ashford. The Alzheimer’s Society states that there 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, and that by 2025 there will be one million people, and two million by 2051. 80 per cent of people living in care homes are reported to have a form of dementia or severe memory problems, with over one in six people aged 80 and over suffering from such neurological disorders. To combat this incipient issue, Farrow Court has been sensitively designed throughout to support residents with dementia. The corridors on each floor are decorated in individual tones for increased contrast, and the graphics used in the signage enable easy recognition. ‘Memory shelves’ have been installed in front of each apartment, with residents encouraged to place an item that represents themselves in some way. These range from cuddly toys, to flowers and pictures, helping to bring not just a sense of individuality to the homes, but to provide residents with tangible reminders of where they are. The design combines complimentary building typologies, including the various recreational areas such as the Age UK resource centre. During the design stage, careful consideration was given to Housing our Ageing Population – Panel for Innovation (HAPPI) and the Housing our Ageing Population – Plan for Implementation (HAPPI2) reports, which

Farrow Court has been sensitively designed throughout to support residents with dementia


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