Air conditioning & ventilation; Building products & services Vectaire’s WHHRs via an LCD screen

Vectaire’s WHHRs can now be commissioned via an LCD screen. The upright units – the Midis and the Maxis – offer the option of an integral LCD or a remote LCD commissioning unit, whilst the in-line EVO250 and Mini can be commissioned using a remote unit. The commissioning engineer is easily able to adjust unit functions including trickle, purge and boost speeds for each motor, the length of boost speed over-run time, the time delay before the boost speed kicks in, holiday mode, night-time boost inhibitor times etc. The user can see the speed at which the fan is operating, the relative humidity, and when the filters need replacing.

01494 522333 Precision cutting and control with Hultafors

As really professional craftsmen know, Hultafors’ can deliver just about anything you need for measuring, leveling and marking; striking, cutting and chopping. That’s why they’re a range of Tools that can handle tough applications, last for ages and feel right when you’re working on site. Hultafors’ HBX and HBS saws are well known for their top quality precision cuts and, to complement those models, there’s a brand new range of cutting and sawing tools that include – Bow Saws, Short Hand Saws, Hack Saws, a Jab Saw, a Concrete Saw plus a superb Japanese Ryoba Saw which is perfect when you need a tool for the finest cuts made with minimal force. New FLEXIWork Floorlayers Trousers

The Ultimate solution for working on your knees – delivering optimal freedom of movement and long-lasting durability. Snickers’ new Floorlayers Work Trousers and the patented Knee Guard System combine very effectively to deliver the ultimate solution for working safely and in comfort on your knees. With an advanced body-mapping design, they’re made from the highly durable Ripstop fabric with a ‘mechanical stretch’, providing great flexibility, comfort and advanced functionality. They come with an integrated belt for superior waist fit, with easy-to-access holster pockets with zipped compartment, leg pockets including knife fastener. The Solid Gear ‘One GTX’ Safety Shoe

The ONE GTX from Solid Gear is a superbly constructed safety shoe with seven integrated layers to deliver excellent comfort and protection. It’s designed and built for active professionals who need a highly breathable, light and flexible safety shoe. With a GORE-TEX® SURROUND® membrane they’re fully breathable and ideal for warmer weather and combined indoor/outdoor activities. The shoe’s stretchable upper is water-resistant with amazing performance when it comes to breathability, fit and flexibility. What’s more, it has a honeycombed sole for enhanced grip and a composite midsole. It also has a stabilising heel support to minimise injuries from twisting.

Damp and mould. What’s causing the problem?

Within these

walls Expert led training

Take your seats for a unique introduction to Cavity Wall & External Wall Insulation products

You need professional advice from the top

With unrivalled expertise in building and

construction certification, CIT is where you’ll find a one-stop-shop for expert led

investigations into all manner of problems associated with failing retrofit insulation measures in housing stock. 02920 100810



28 | HMM March 2018 | © 2018 BBA Consultancy, Investigation & Training Ltd. All Rights reserved. CIT is part of the BBA Group.

BBACIT, the UK’s leading expert authority on Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) and External Wall Insulation (EWI) products now provides essential training for Local Authority and Housing Association staff on how to achieve technically compliant installations, with an in-depth understanding of the circumstances which need to be in place to be assured of a successful retrofit project. Our courses cover a number of essential areas including:

• Detailed information about the range of certified CWI and EWI products which are available for retrofit programmes.

• Comprehensive information about installation methods and pre-installation assessments.

• An insight into determining the source of a potential insulation retrofit failure and what to consider

• Guarantees – pitfalls and opportunities, what to look for and what to demand.

Our main aim is to provide you with a solid, fact based understanding of what to look out for, so that when you’re looking into insulation related housing stock investments, you’re going in with the knowledge that you’re making the right decisions.

Our rolling programme of courses are delivered throughout the UK and can be delivered in your place of work (minimum number of attendees 10).

Application form available online at

02920 100810

© 2018 BBA Consultancy, Investigation & Training Ltd. All Rights reserved. CIT is part of the BBA Group.

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