Product Focus KMS

Simplekey Web is a market leading cloud based, communal door access solution from KMS. Simplekey Web has been developed for housing landlords to add and delete fobs securely across multiple blocks, from any web enabled device. The system is used by many housing organisations, as well as private landlords and property managers across the UK. Simplekey Web has been designed and manufactured in the UK and has a high level of security, ensuring all data is secure. To find out what our customers think, visit the website.


The Kinedo range of cubicles from Saniflo has been extended with an extra model in the Kinemagic range. The Kinemagic Serenity Plus is a high quality, all-in-one shower cubicle that has been designed to fit in exactly the same space as a standard bath and can be installed with the minimum fuss and hassle. Access into the cubicle is via a low entry shower tray that is just 30mm in height and has anti-slip flooring for the ultimate, safe showering experience. The tray has unique, adjustable feet for unbreachable and uneven floors to ensure a flat and even installation – something very important to those who are slightly shaky on their feet.

Hambleside Danelaw

Roofing ventilation and accessories specialist, Danelaw, has launched two new vapour permeable underlays for slate and tile roofs, the middleweight Danelaw LR135 and the premium Danelaw LR180. They have been added to the range, alongside the Danelaw LR120 and LR150. Both can be used for warm and cold roof applications, either unsupported, draped over timber rafters or counter battens or fully supported over timber sarking and rigid insulation. LR135 and LR180 have been independently tested by the BRE for wind zone suitability and come with full BBA approval.

Johnson & Starley

Installers or homeowners looking to replace old warm air heating systems with the latest highly energy efficient technology should consider the advantages of the Johnson & Starley’s Aquair Heat interface unit. This is possibly the most unique and versatile HIU (Heat Interface Unit) available and will provide all the benefits that a centralised heating system can offer. An Aquair can replace any warm air heater in a home, fully utilise the existing warm air ducting and be integrated in to almost any centralised heating source. It can be run in conjunction with an existing wet system and also has the option of supplying unheated air for cooling purposes during the warmer months.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls announces that its Tyco® EG-25 Sprinkler Guard is the first FM-approved guard on the market to meet FM Global design guidelines and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for using a listed guard in areas where sprinklers are exposed to potential damage. The new sprinkler guard is designed for use with TYCO ESFR-25 pendent sprinklers. These sprinklers provide suppression load performance with ceiling- only fire protection for a wide variety of commodities and storage arrangements, enabling building owners to lease to the widest range of occupiers. To learn more visit

Monier Redland

Redland, the company that invented dry-fixed roofing systems, with patents dating back to 1966; has launched two new dry verge products to coincide with the publication of BS 8612: Dry-fixed ridge, hip and verge systems for slating and tiling – the new British Standard which aims to ensure that dry fixed products are adequately designed and installed to be fit for purpose. Redland’s new dry verges – the DryVerge and Rapid DryVerge – are specifically designed to not only meet the requirements of BS 8612, but also to be best in class. Moreover, the dry verges have been designed to be even easier and faster to fix than their predecessors.

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