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Hello, a message, don’t call God when its bad, when you misplaced his number when things were good. You will get sent straight to voicemail….

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Hey-G-times, what is America going to do about all of this White on White crime? First of all, there are the mass killings that have been going on for the last 20 years. In the Orlando night club shootings, 49 people were killed. In Las Vegas last year, 54 people were killed and 17 recently at a high school in Parkland Florida All of these mass killings and others over the last 20 years have had one common denominated, a White male killer. And, then there’s the greed, money driven genocide of thousands of whites by the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies. There are thousands dying from over dosing on prescribed opioid pain killers. Perhaps America can provide a road map solution for other demographic groups to follow…

Hello, you know, after a little more than a year of Trump being in office we all deserve medical marijuana.

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Hello, my wife and I just left the movie theater and watched the movie Black Panther, and a thought struck me, you know if the Europeans had not kidnapped us from Africa and enslaved us for 250 years, Africa would be today what I saw at the movie. You add their theft of the diamonds, gold, oil and other mineral resources in Africa, then you can better understand why we are where we are today. What happen to us set civilization and mankind back by at least 100 years…

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Hello, I am calling to express my concern regarding the City Council’s consideration for the Community Foundation of Greensboro to start a non-profit housing program to hijack the $25 million in housing bonds passed by the voters in 2016. These guys that run the Greensboro Community Foundation is the old white boys power network that want to run everything in this city and they don’t give a damn about minorities and providing affordable housing to the poor, Black or White. They have no track record or demonstrated sensitivity in dealing with the people who need affordable, safe and decent housing. I smell a rat…..

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Hey fellas, we complain when you don’t give us enough attention, and call you a stalker when you give us too much attention and affection. Fellas there’s no win, win…..

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I’m sending a shout out to brothers and sisters who may get pulled over by the cops!! I got pulled over last week. I wasn’t doing anything!! There were two of them. Cop said I made a LA or California stop at the stop sign or something. I asked, what is that? They said I didn’t come to a complete stop at the stop sign. I said bul#sh@t. I said that to myself. They ask me a bunch of crazy questions, where am I going, where am I coming from. I told them. They let me go. When the cops pull you over make sure you have someone on the phone with you and record it. Police are on a different agenda nowadays. Stay woke, especially driving while Black!!

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Well I see our good old corporate monopoly Duke Power is up to sticking it to us again. Another rate increase has been approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. They were just approved for a rate increase last year. If you want to know why a monopoly is bad and competition is good, just take a look at your Duke Power electric bill and you will have a real lesson and a reality check.

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