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Several changes for claiming Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) including, Sixth Form applications are being rolled out. Claimants must now submit anew application for aCEA Eligibility Certificate (CEA EC) before their child enters the Sixth Form stage of education, or equivalent (Key Stage 5-Years 12 to 13) for pupils aged between 16 and 18 years old. It is strongly advised that this article is read in conjunction with 2018DIN01-020 on Armed Forces Continuity of Education Allowance CEA –6th Form Reapplication and Chapter 9, Part 2ofJSP 752.

Upcoming changes to CEA include:

•Areduction in the parental contribution for SP’s sending their children to one of the 38 State Boarding Schools (SBS) in the UK.

•Updates to the CEA Guardians Scheme, including increasing payments to SP to ensure that the scheme becomes amore attractive continuity of education option.

•Work to leverage Defence’s position as akey customer of the Independent Boarding School Sector (IBSS) to extract better value and reduce costs for both SP and Defence.

•CEA claimants being required to resubmit aCEA application ahead of their child’s move to 6th Form (Years 12 &13) and equivalents.


The two years of Sixth Form remains aprotected stage of education, however SP will be required to submit anew EC


Step 1: June to July 2018

Step 2: June to August 2018

Step 3: September to November 2018

Step 4: December 2018 to January 2019

Step 5: December 2018 to March 2019

Step 6: January to March 2019


End of School Year 11 Claimants /child(ren) decide their preferred ‘Post 16 route of education’.

The claimant to apply for anew CEA EC in respect of the 6th Form stage of education.

Attend Open Days/Evenings for ‘Post-16’ education. Deadlines for applications to preferred ‘Post-16’ education establishments. Timing of entry interviews and selection processes.

Organise receipt of aCEA EC in line with timing for receipt of offers for 6th Form places from schools/education establishments.

Submit CEA EC applications (DBS PACCC have up to 20 days to respond, includes submitting any additional PACCC casework).

Step 7: August 2019

Step 8: September 2019

Receipt of GCSE &confirmation/clarification of 6th Form places at the preferred education establishment.

6th Form education commences.

It remains the responsibility of claimants to ensure their application for Sixth Form CEA is completed in time to inform afinal decision about their child’s future educational direction. Noting the timescale above (further details are provided in 2018 DIN Armed Forces Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA –Sixth Form Reapplication)), all claimants are to follow the new arrangements that are laid out in Chapter 9, Part 2of JSP752 effective from 1April 2018.

Further information and guidance on existing Eligibility Certificates, impact to siblings, SENA, those in the Scottish

Education system and continuation beyond school year 11 is provided within the 2018 DIN. The DIN also provides information on other CEA Review Measures such as the CEA Guardianship scheme and the reduction in SP contribution for State Boarding School fees.

Contact the Directorate of Children and Young People, Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) via email: or by telephone on 01980 618244 for further advice regarding the specifics of Sixth form re-application or other CEA queries. Unit HR staff are also on hand to help. |Spring 2018 | ENVOY

prior to their child moving into this stage of education and should consider whether their individual circumstances still warrant CEA.

Within the state education sector,apost GCSE move from secondary school to another school, or Sixth Form college, maybe mandatory if the original school has no Sixth Form. Additionally,asthe state sector now offers awider range of education pathways, (in addition to the traditional ‘A’levels, so that continuity of education is no longer achieved solely by adirect route from aschool’s Year 11 to its Sixth Form), the requirement to reapply before the Sixth Form stage of education, offers parents and pupils the opportunity to properly assess their child’s preferred educational route.

The requirement to reapply for CEA at entry to the Sixth Form stage of education ensures continued eligibility to CEA, due to Service induced mobility and will not remove eligibility from claimants who retain an entitlement during the Sixth Form stage of education.


Sixth Form CEA EC should be confirmed before the child begins school Year 11 (i.e. more than an academic year before they are due to enter the Sixth Form), therefore taking effect from 1June 2018 and if required, allowing applicants to make alternative arrangements for their child’s Sixth Form, or equivalent, stage of education. The first cohort of claimants that will need to submit aSixth Form CEA EC, will be those whose children are due to enter the Sixth form stage of education in September 2019.The key dates are:

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