Like your support, Trent’s story touched many

You might remember Trent from our Christmas Appeal. This remarkable young man, whose life was upturned by a freak accident, continues to take positive steps, thanks to the support he received from Lifeline.

Trent was doing pull-ups when the bar collapsed, crushing his skull. He was rushed to hospital, when his parents were told he probably wouldn’t make it.

Thankfully, Trent did make it - but he would have to learn how to walk and talk again. His skull had been crushed so badly it had severed an optical nerve and he would forever be blind on his right side.

It was the final blow. Trent remembers: ‘I knew that if I didn’t have my eye … I was an artist at the time … I wouldn’t be able to draw properly again, I wouldn’t be able to play football again … the things I loved most.’

While Trent was surrounded by so much love and support, inside he was hurting.

‘I had never felt more loved in my life. I said that I was doing well, but I was really struggling.’

Eventually his emotions would spiral so deeply that he attempted to take his own life.

That’s when Trent made the call to Lifeline.

‘The guy on the phone listened and acknowledged everything I felt.’

‘When I got off the phone, I felt an almighty sense of relief. He offered me hope.’

Trent is now on a better path. He says: ‘Everything is going up … relationships, work, new opportunities … I feel like I’m ready to take on the world again.’

Every year thousands of South Australians find relief through the round-the-clock support of Lifeline.

Lifeline was there for Trent, and thanks to the money supporters like you helped to raise at Christmas, more Lifeline volunteers will undergo the 12-month intensive training needed to fulfil this life-saving role.

It’s wonderful news, but unfortunately, we failed to reach our fundraising target. To make sure Lifeline never fails to answer the call when its needed most, your support today can make a powerful difference.

If you are able to donate at this time, it won’t just help us keep up with the growing demand for the service, like it did with Trent - it could save a life. Please be generous.

Please call (08) 8202 5110 and make donation today.

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