From Simon

It’s hard to believe we’re already well into 2018. I hope the new year has started well for you; it’s certainly been a busy start for all of us at Uniting Communities.

As you will read in the coming pages, we’ve recently taken over the operations of the Family By Family program, which will help more families overcome their challenges.

We’re also increasing the help we offer young people at risk, by adding Ambulance Cover to our Streetlink program for young people with medical concerns.

Together, we hope to reach more people in need as a growing number of South Australians struggle.

Unfortunately, our Christmas Appeal didn’t quite meet its target, which is why I’m very appreciative to have your support. With so many people turning to us for help, every supporter matters more than ever before.

Thank you for your commitment to helping South Australians in need.

Because of you more families are growing stronger, together

Uniting Communities has recently teamed up with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) to continue running the unique Family By Family program. Running for seven years, the program brings together families who have experienced hard times, but have come out the other side, with families who are struggling.

By volunteering to connect and support one another, with the guidance of a Family Coach, not only are families working together to get stronger - they’re building vital networks of support.

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There are two types of families in the program: sharing families and seeking families. Sharing families volunteer to share their experience and their time (around three to five hours per week) with a seeking family, who is seeking support. With four locations across Adelaide, this peer-to-peer style program is breaking down one of the key struggles of modern life - isolation.

The program’s Services Manager, Danielle Madsen, is so grateful to be able to help families suffering in isolation. She believes there are many reasons for the program’s success.

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