Because of you

mediation helps families find a healthy middle ground

The end of a relationship is a difficult time for all involved, which is why encouraging communication between parents and promoting a stable environment for the children is vital. Thankfully, through mediation, our Family Relationship Centre (FRC) help families work together in the best interests of their children.

For Anna, the Family Relationship Centre provided a way for her and her child’s father to move forward positively.

‘It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, so it was useful to have a mediator who was professional and respectful, and who made sure that I felt safe.’

Children are often involved in the mediation process, which helps to make sure their feelings are acknowledged.

Anna knows how hard finding the balance can be: ‘The FRC has been fantastic with mediation between myself and my child’s father. I can see a way for my child to spend time and develop strong relationships with both parents.’

She credits the service for making this possible: ‘I really feel like we’ve been able to find a way forward in a difficult situation. We wouldn’t be doing so well without this service.’

Helen McMullan, the FRC Service Manager, says Anna’s story is quite common.

‘Relationships within families can be complicated, particularly during separation. We help them work out suitable arrangements for the care of children.’

In the past year, the Noarlunga Family Relationship Centre supported over 600 separating parents with Family Dispute Resolution mediations. They worked with over 1,200 parents to provide Child Focussed Information sessions and additional individual support across our sites at Christies Beach, Marion, Aldinga Beach and our outreach services on Kangaroo Island and Victor Harbor.

Helen believes mediation empowers parents: ‘The mediators place a strong focus on providing opportunities for parents to exercise maturity, to cooperate and to embrace the emotional needs of their children.’

‘Mediation allows parents to develop their own flexible and creative solutions to their family’s problems.’

Your kind support allows us to help families find stability and work towards harmony as they transition to their new lives.

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