ommend a multi-layered, multi-level approach to protection. To put your ASC in the best possible position to level the playing field when it comes to an attack, your tools should include those that provide off-site data security and protection at the front door, in the office and locally, at each and every computer your staff touches within your office environment. We advise using the following checklist to determine if you have the levels of security needed to protect your valuable and confidential patient data:

Levels of Protection

Off-Premise Protection ■■

Internet/domain protection ❑■


Spoofing of your domain, website and email

Pre-filtering of incoming and outbound email

❑■ ■■

Inclusive of virus, spam, malware, data leakage and other threats

Encrypted email services ❑■

At the Door Protection ■■


Social engineering ❑■

Regulatory compliance requirements

Unified threat management firewall ❑■

Email and web traffic filtering for virus, spam, etc.

Organization-wide email phishing testing and training

■■ Data backup and disaster recovery services ■■

What, when, how and where data was touched/used

File access monitoring and breach auditing ❑■

Local System Protection ■■


Staff Protection ■■

HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, ISO, etc. ■■ Password security and management

Policy and infrastructure security development and auditing ❑■

Is a Multi-Layer, Multi-Level Protection Schema Overkill? You might think that having a multitude of layers and levels of IT infrastructure protection seems like overkill, however, the fact is that any one piece of secu- rity technology from a particular com- pany may not be able to catch all that is out there. A layered approach that uses diverse solutions from various provid- ers will increase the likelihood of stop- ping the attack at one of the layers.

Multi-factor authentication system ❑■

Fingerprint and RFID card

Additional email and web traffic filter- ing for virus, spam, etc.

Daniel Marcellus is president and chief executive officer of SkyPort IT Inc. head- quartered in Rochester, NY. Write him at

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