Our leadership team Board

Thank you to the Financial Risk Management and Audit Committee for the time they have given throughout the year:

Astrid Kuivasaari (Chair) Sue King

Simon Schrapel Lee Sauerwald Steve Konetschka Tania Sargent (former Chair)

Community members Graham O’Connor Reece Saywell

We extend our thanks and a warm farewell to the following Board members who retired in 2016/17:

Tania Sargent Jason Ting

Dr Sue King

Sue is the Chair of the Board of Uniting Communities, and joined in 2014. Until recently, she was the Discipline Head, Social Work and Human Services at the University of South Australia. In addition to her roles at the University, she has been President of the Australian Association of Social Workers, SA Branch and a member of a number of other Boards, including currently an aged care facility, Summerhill Inc., and in the past Relationships Australia (SA), the South Australian Housing Trust and the Children’s Services Consultative Committee.

Sue joined the Board as she has a great respect for the work being done by Uniting Communities and a strong interest in contributing to innovations in service delivery in the current social policy context.

Cathie Brown

Cathie joined the Board in 2011. Starting her professional life in journalism, she has gained extensive management and leadership experience throughout her career with proven ability to support organisations’ success through effective strategic planning, prioritisation and project management.

She brings to the Board expertise in marketing and media management, as well as networks across government, universities and the business community. Cathie is passionate about bringing lasting, positive change to the lives of those most disadvantaged in our community.

Astrid Kuivasaari

Astrid joined the Board of Uniting Communities in 2016, and is currently employed with the Uniting Church of South Australia as General Manager (Resources).

Having worked in non-profit organisations for 12 years, she has a keen interest in the sector and, in particular, community services and health. Astrid has completed an MBA with the University of South Australia and holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide. She is the former director of the Uniting Church SA Resources Board, and currently serves on various other non-profit boards and committees.

Greg Box

Greg became a member of the Board in 2016. He has a strong background in the community and social services sector, holding senior management positions with organisations including Community Welfare (now Families SA); the Northern Territory government as Director of Welfare; the Cabinet Office with the SA Premiers Department; and the Port Adelaide Central Mission (now Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide) as Director of Welfare Services.

Since retiring from full-time employment in 2010, he has worked with the SA Guardianship Board (now SACAT) as a sessional tribunal member (in the Community Stream), as well as undertaken consultancy work both in SA and the ACT in the area of disability.

John Byrne

John joined the Board in 2012. After starting his career in physiotherapy, he has gained diverse general management experience in the corporate sector in financial services, telecommunications and allied health.

John has over 20 years’ experience in starting and running businesses, and currently runs a small farming operation with a focus on sustainability. With a commercial lens and a keen interest in finance and property, John is also a member of Uniting Communities’ Redevelopment Steering Committee.

Mike Flynn

Mike joined the Board of Uniting Communities in 2016. He is currently working as a business consultant in the energy and resources sector and has been an active member on the Board of the SA Chamber of Mines and Energy since 2011.

With qualifications in

engineering and management, Mike brings with him 25 years of commercial, planning and operations experience in the oil and gas sector both in Australia and overseas. Growing up in a small town in south-east SA, Mike has a balanced appreciation of country and city living, and enjoys getting alongside people from all walks of life. Mike is passionate about helping people reach their full potential, and feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to assist and learn from the dedicated people within Uniting Communities.

Dr Jörg Strobel

Jörg joined the Board of Uniting Communities in 2017 and is currently working as a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Country Health SA LHN Mental Health Services.

Born in Germany, he trained as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and worked as a forensic psychiatrist before migrating to Australia in 1996. Since then he has worked within the public sector in SA Metro and Country Services, for about eight years in the capacity as Clinical Director. He has an academic appointment at Flinders University with a research interest in e-Health and m-Health. This interest has led him to venture into entrepreneurship as a founding member of an IT start-up. He has served and is serving on the boards of mental health related NGOs. Personally and professionally, he has a strong commitment to social justice and is championing recovery oriented work.



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