EstablishEd in 2015, Clay interiors has become renowned as the place to go locally if you are looking for stunning and stylish tiles. Originally based at Excalibur halls in Ellough the business has recently moved to the other side of beccles. Owned and run by Emma

Rogers this is predominantly a family business in the truest sense as Emma is joined by her sister liz and brother adam. so, has the business moved to some shiny new purpose-built show- room perfectly designed to showcase the amazing natural stone tiles here at Clay interi- ors? No, it’s even better than that! You will now find Clay inte-

riors in the old Winter Flora barn, just off london Road behind Urban Jungle in bec- cles. this stunning old barn is packed with character and his- tory and the vast open space is the perfect place for Emma to get creative and design an incredible studio to highlight just what they do. Peter seppings built the barn

back in 1973 especially for Winter Flora, Jane and Peters new family business, but as you can see from the pictures this is a premises with a long and rich history in beccles. Winter Flora was established in 1969 as the UK’s first dried flower producer and soon grew to become a sig- nificant employer. in fact, Emma has family and friends that worked at Winter Flora over the summer months so there is also an emotional con- nection as so many people in the town have fond memories of what this building used to be. let’s get this straight. the

reason for the move is due to growth in the business. Over the last year Emma had simply out- grown her first premises at Excalibur halls. the new site is 3250 square feet – three times the size of where she was. however, the opportunity to breathe new life in to and lov- ingly restore the gorgeous old barn is not lost on Emma and her team. Clay interiors are a little bit

different from a simple tile showroom. the huge open plan barn will be totally renovated and become Emma’s studio, it will be more than a showroom, it will be an experience. simply speak with her about her plans and she comes alive describing the double doors that will open up in to a comfy seating area for her clients to take their time perusing the stylish collection of tiles. Of course, the chance to indulge what they do best here at Clay interiors, creative visual designs, is not wasted on this team of experts – when finished it is sure to be breath-taking. the plan is to have the new

studio open and ready for cli- ents in the first couple of months of 2018. Until then it is business as usual for Clay interiors. Emma and liz have always done home and site visits and it is not unusual for them to meet with Customers tilers to make sure that the job is handled with expertise and the stress and worry doesn’t get passed back to their client. all the tiles that Clay interi-

ors have to offer are hand select- ed by Emma and she is regular- ly adding exciting new lines and fresh ideas straight from italy. importing tiles direct and build- ing relationships with the man- ufacturers means Clay interiors have ranges that are unique to East anglia so they really can design a unique look for your bathroom or kitchen that will be the envy of your friends and family! in fact, it is not just kitchens

and bathrooms. We have an idea here in britain that you would only really have tiles in these two rooms. however, Clay inte- riors are not afraid to push boundaries. they will be dis- playing 800mm x 2400mm tiles in colour pallets from off whites and greys to jade green that can be used in living spaces too. When going on house or site visits Emma and liz will take a selection of samples that, hav- ing already spoken with the cli- ent, they think will be suitable. however, their van will always have other samples in and they may well take some alternatives that they feel could work. Emma explains it is incredible how often their clients will pick the ‘wild card’. You just have to be bold and not afraid to try something a bit different and the result can be stunning. the team are experts in their field and so will gladly offer the ben- efit of their experience, advice and creative eye. it is this bespoke approach and attention to detail that makes Emma and her team stand out. the new studio will be a great

place to come if you are open minded and looking for inspira- tion. Emma, liz and adam will work with your ideas and intro- duce you to some other options that they feel would work with your room and space. Until the new studio is ready the team will continue to offer free home visits with a selection of tiles. Emma would like to thank all her customers for their ongoing support and patience whilst the fabulous new studio is being completed. if you are looking to intro-

duce a bit of italian style and flair to your home, then you really have to start here at Clay interiors. For any further details or to arrange a consultation please call 01502 470157.

Above: The vast new home of Clay Interiors which is steeped in history. Below: The barn when it was home to Winter Flora.

Call 01502 470157 or visit The Gallery, Hall Farm, London Rd, Weston, Beccles NR34 8TT DECEMBER 2017 WOOD 9

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