result, I also will leave my position as president on the AAC board of directors. It was a decision fraught with emotion. I truly love my county family and serving the constituents of Clark County. However, the promise of spending more quality time with my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and hus- band prevailed — as well it should. I am excited about starting this new chapter of my life.


Fear isn’t really in my repertoire. I wasn’t afraid to be a single mother. I wasn’t afraid to put on combat boots and serve my country in the U.S. Army Reserves. No, I’ve tackled most ev- ery new challenge with determination rather than fear. So I am confident I can handle this new challenge called “retirement.” I do look back on my career in government with fond memories. Many of you may not know I served 10 years as city clerk/treasurer for the city of Arkadelphia before running for Clark County treasurer. It seemed a natural progression to run for the office when the previous county treasurer retired. I had two opponents that year. Looking back, I think I ate my way around Clark County. I attended every luncheon, dinner and civic event possible during my campaign. In the end, I won the election. And I’ve not once regretted it during my 21 years in office. I was born in Clark County. I was a preacher’s kid (imag- ine that) and an Army brat. I have traveled and lived around the world, but it has been my pleasure to serve the residents of my home county. I have enjoyed working with the other elected officials in our beautiful, historic courthouse. My office was housed in the basement, but Clark County Clerk Rhonda Cole never hesitated to let me out on the courthouse balcony whenever I needed a bit of fresh air. I have been blessed with a capable staff. Deputy Treasurers

Sandy Jester and Gloria Hart have been by my side through thick and thin. Tey’ve had my back when I needed their support the most. I know I am leaving the treasurer’s office in ca- pable hands. Sandy has been appointed to serve out the remain- der of my term. She and Gloria will surely continue to thrive. I will miss my colleagues on the AAC board of directors. What an honor it was to represent my fellow county treasurers on the board — and to serve as the board’s first woman president

he holidays are upon us, and as the end of 2017 comes into sight, I grow more nostalgic by the day. Most of you know of my plans to retire as Clark County treasurer this year. As a

PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE Farewell doesn’t mean you won’t see me later

for the last two years. Serving on the board gives one a whole new perspec- tive on county and state government. Suddenly, you aren’t just focused on your role. You become more aware of the roles other officials play in county government, their concerns, and their needs. You become acutely aware of how decisions made at the Capitol affect you and your colleagues. AAC Executive Director Chris Villines has been an invaluable resource to me as I navigated the waters of presiding over the board. His team is one of the best in the state, and they go to battle for us every day. And dear Debbie Wise, Randolph County circuit clerk and AAC board vice-president, how do I adequately express my gratitude? You were not only a frequent travel com- panion to National Association of Counties’ (NACo) and other conferences. You also were a pillar by my side. I am appreciative for your input, guidance and friendship. You will do well as the board president, my friend. I, like anyone in my position right now, am experiencing a range of emotions. It’s like I’m preparing to go on vacation — only to never return. Of course, that isn’t entirely true. You all know where to find me. After all, I must’ve handed out more than a billion “million dollar bills” bearing my contact information over the years. Tis is not a “farewell” as much as it is a “see you later.” But there’s a benefit to retirement I’m looking forward to. As I drive around town in my convertible, the wind will flow more easily through my hair. Te freedom I feel as I tour the country on motorcycle with my husband, Elven, will feel even sweeter. And knowing I get to come home to Clark County to spend more time with my family will be priceless. I send you all blessings as you continue to do the good work benefiting our counties.

Judy Beth Hutcherson

Judy Beth Hutcherson Clark County Treasurer / AAC Board President COUNTY LINES, FALL 2017 9

President’s Perspective

Judy Beth Hutcherson AAC Board President; Clark County Treasurer

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