former Stone County Assessor Kay Harrington, who served from 1991 to 2008. “Tere was not a nepotism policy at the time, but there is

now,” she said. One of Stevens’ first projects was to plat out the entire county on paper. Tough it was “quite an undertaking” at the time because they didn’t have the luxury of a computer or soft- ware, Stevens said she enjoys mapping. It is now her specialty. “I love to map. It’s just interesting; it’s like putting together one big puzzle,” she said. When Stevens’ mother retired in 2008, Stevens decided to run for assessor. She took office in 2009, and has loved it ever since. “I love to serve in county government and for the best interest of the people,” she said. “We definitely need a voice for sure.” Stevens has acute awareness of the needs of county asses-

Stone County assessor new to AAC board

Story and Photo by Holland Doran AAC Communications Coordinator

worked her way up the ranks from Stone County deputy as- sessor to a new member of the Association of Arkansas Coun- ties (AAC) board of directors. Te Arkansas County Assessor’s Association board elected her during its November meeting. Stevens is honored to represent county assessors on the AAC


board and eager to collaborate with other associations. “I’m excited because being on the AAC board means

you’re involved with every association,” she said. “You have a broader span than just being limited to an assessor’s per- spective of government.” After graduating from Mountain View High School in 1994, she earned an associate’s degree in applied science from Ozarka College. She then took on the deputy assessor role under her mother,


tone County Assessor Heather Stevens can con- fidently say she’s “been there, done that” when it comes to running the office of county assessor. Born and raised in Mountain View, Stevens has

sors through her time in the Arkansas County Assessor’s As- sociation. She served four years as a board member, one year as secretary/treasurer, one year as vice president and one year as president. She also has been a voice for assessors at the state level, work- ing with AAC to pass bills to help maintain the integrity of personal and homestead property taxes during the 2017 legis- lative session. Stevens has discovered what it takes to expand her skills. “Always have an open mind and open ears because you can learn something new every day,” she said. She has used this knowledge as motivation to help her

earn various designations through the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department, and as a platform to encourage other assessors to do the same. Stevens is currently working to earn the International As- sociation of Assessing Officers’ (IAAO) cadastral mapping specialist designation. She has received recognition for excellence in her assess- ing work. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe appointed her to serve on the Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Board, and IAAO named her Outstanding Assessor of the Year in 2016.

As a member of IAAO, Stevens looks forward to net-

working with assessors from around the world. “You get to meet a lot of new faces and see how they do things, what works and what doesn’t,” she said. Stevens and her husband, Dan, have been married 14 years. She has three children and two stepchildren that keep her on the move with their rodeo activities. Few may know, but Stevens’ family is competitive chuck wagon racers. Her husband competes in National Chuck- wagon Championship Races in Clinton as the Stone Coun- ty Tick Pickers, while her girls are involved with the Na- tional Chuckwagon Championship Races drill team. Stevens also enjoys coaching Upward Bound youth bas- ketball and softball during the summer.


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