Trade: beyond borders, beyond politics I

Tiffany Melvin

t has been an unprecedented year for North America with the modernization of NAFTA which took center stage for

most of 2017. NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, was developed in 1994, and created the largest free trade zone with trade between Canada, the United Stated and Mexico. Because the Winnipeg Capital Region is

located along one of the major trade corri- dors, government, business, industry and organizations are paying special attention to the ongoing negotiations. Leaders from across the Winnipeg Capital Region have been keeping their finger on the pulse of these negotiations through their partner- ship with NASCO. North American Strategy for Competi-

tiveness (NASCO) is the only tri-national network of North American governments, businesses, and educational institutions driven by a common interest in collabora- tion along commercial corridors and trade networks. Founded in 1994, we encourage North America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. NASCO is a grass roots organization

that does not represent a single business sector or industry, but a variety of sectors with both complementary and competing interests related to North American com- petitiveness. NASCO strives to prioritize the interests of our members, comprised of government, academia and industry, and to identify key priorities that will pro-

Photo courtesy of Canada Beef Inc.

mote and enhance North America in three critical areas; supply chain and logistics, workforce and labor, and energy and the environment. NASCO has been advocating for and

producing results since the inception of NAFTA over 20 years ago. Our priority is to facilitate fair and competitive business for North America. NASCO believes enhanced and secure supply chains facilitate trade. Improving the North American supply chain and transportation network and

eliminating un-necessary trade barriers and cross border inefficiencies are vital to the competitiveness of all three countries - and our continent as a whole. We are dedicated to promoting North American energy independence, security and op- portunity, and investing in energy efficient technology and sectors will produce new jobs. Lastly, we must strengthen the quality of our North American workforce. Stand- ardized and mutually respected training for certifiable manufacturing jobs will in-

crease labor access for the manufacturing and logistics sectors providing vital relief. Our NASCO network is unparalleled,

with tri-national connections at the high- est levels in government, education, and industry, with a foundation built on voters and decisionmakers. We have a strong organization and member base built on logistics, workforce, and energy concepts, objectives, and programs. This undeni- able North American leverage allows us to produce actionable information, powerful forward momentum, and tangible results which are critical to furthering North America’s competitiveness and reach in global trade and commerce. Our newest campaign, “Beyond Bor-

ders, Beyond Politics” focuses on the truly “grassroots” foundation of NASCO, as we bring together our vast network to identify areas where we can continue to collaborate and support efforts to achieve a modern- ized NAFTA and a North American vision that is robust, sustainable and globally competitive. Finally, we have always believed in creat-

ing respect and love in and among North Americans as we move to strengthen the North American position on the global stage. Tat respect and love is now more important than ever! Everyday NASCO’s presence and influence is growing and people are joining our North American movement - and it is a movement! Tiffany Melvin is the President, North

American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO).

CentrePort Canada – a catalyst for growth C

Diane Gray

entrePort Canada is North America’s largest tri-modal inland port; a unique hub for the distribution of goods to

North American and global markets. With 20,000 acres of prime industrial land in both the City of Winnipeg (CentrePort South) and the R.M. of Rosser (CentrePort North), CentrePort is a transformational project for Manitoba and a significant driver of econom- ic growth and activity in the capital region. Significant public investment has been

made in both hard and soft infrastructure for CentrePort Canada: • CentrePort Canada Way has been con-

structed and significant improvements have been made to the Trans-Canada Highway, as well as Highways 59, 75 and the Perimeter; • A new water treatment facility was con-

structed in the R.M. of Headingley to provide a regional solution to potable water needs in many municipalities, as well as to service CentrePort North; • Wastewater services have been extended

from the City of Winnipeg as part of a service- sharing agreement between the two munici- pal governments; • A shared trenching project is bringing

MLA Scott Johnson, Minister Ralph Eichler, MP Doug Eyolfson, Kurt Shmon, Reeve of Rosser Frances Smee, Diane Gray, MP James Bezan.

natural gas and telecommunications to the area; and, • The Province of Manitoba, with the sup-

port of the R.M. of Rosser, created an Inland Port Special Planning Area (SPA). Te SPA facilitates streamlined development approv- als for companies.

Te capital region is one of the greatest

benefactors of CentrePort’s success. Cen- trePort has welcomed 51 new companies, 49 of which are in CentrePort North. Tese companies have contributed more than $300 million in new capital investment to the local economy and are having a significant impact

on the municipality’s tax base. One of the lat- est companies to open in CentrePort North is Imperial Seed. It took just 11 months to secure approvals through the SPA and to construct Imperial Seed’s newly-opened $8 million project, which includes a research and de- velopment lab, offices and loading facilities. With full water and wastewater servicing

available on a phased-in basis in CentrePort North, new real estate options will continue to come to market, bringing with them invest- ments that create jobs and spinoff opportuni- ties. One recent example is that CentrePort North was selected as the preferred site for the National Research Council’s ‘Factory of the Future’. Te project represents a $60 million investment and 80 new high-quality jobs for Manitoba. Estimated construction impacts of the full

build-out of CentrePort total 98,377 person- years of employment; $1.18 billion in provin- cial tax revenue; and, a boost to Manitoba’s GDP of over $7.9 billion. Tese staggering numbers clearly demonstrate CentrePort’s importance as a regional economic develop- ment driver and as a strategic investment in Manitoba’s future. Diane Gray is President and CEO, Centre-

Port Canada. No Beef, All Bouquets Every day across the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region there are many who go above and beyond to make our

communities great. It’s time to send a bouquet or a high five to a community member who went above and beyond to brighten your day or to make our communities a better place to live, work and play.

If you have someone you want to thank, submit it to The Regional Times News Desk at communications@

Congratulations to The Town of Stonewall, the winners of the National and International Communities in Bloom bronze winners in their 4,501 to 15,000 population category. – Teresa Taplin, Town of Stonewall

Special thanks to the CIB judges that came to visit

Stonewall, Lucie Gagne of Quebec & Stephen Jewczyk of Newfoundland. – Teresa Taplin, Town of Stonewall

A huge thank you to the Centre of Canada Comm. for all their hard work and planning to get our park up and going. – Robert Rivard, Mayor of Tache

A sincere thank you to all of our volunteers for everything they do to make our communities better places to live and play. – Robert Rivard, Mayor of Tache

Shout out to Tannis Dawson from the St. Andrews 6 Regional Times

Community Club for going above and beyond helping to make our community a great place! – George Pike, Mayor of St. Andrews

I’d like to give a big high five to John and Jen Magarell for keeping the Domain Arena vibrant and well! – Brad Erb, Reeve of Macdonald

A big thank you to Leanne Wilson for running our

Service to Seniors program . Her kindness help to make our community a better place. – Brad Erb, Reeve of Macdonald

A nice big bouquet to Diane Blue for all of the volunteer work you do in the communities of Rosser, Rockwood and surrounding communities. Thank you for all of your time and energy! – Frances Smee, Reeve of Rosser

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