FEATURES Thinking about going solar?

The south facing facade of the Princess Street Campus building is a solar panel array demonstration project.

Diane Bastiaanssen, Solar Engineers H

ave you heard about Manitoba Hydro’s solar rebate program? It’s creating a lot of interest from home-

owners, business, industry, and govern- ments at all levels. In a province with some of the lowest electricity rates in the world, the interest in solar has finally taken off. A Brief History.

As early as two years ago, there were fewer

than ten grid-tie solar electric projects in the Province of Manitoba. Some of these were demonstration projects like the 2002 Red River Community College Princess Street Campus Building Integrated Photovoltaic Project. Te south facing façade of the build- ing generates power offsetting electricity consumption at the site, acts as part of the building envelope and offers shade and light to south-facing classrooms. At a local and national level, this public site is where discussion around a new way to power the world began.

Te Future is Here. Today the discussion is happening around

kitchen counters, business headquarters and boardrooms and municipal offices. It seems everyone is thinking about going solar these days and rightly so! For many, the idea of generating your own power starts with an interest in reducing energy costs. When electricity rates are low, rebate and incentive programs help make solar a viable option by reducing both initial capital costs and payback periods. With ever-increasing electricity rates expected to rise by as much as 8% per year for each of the next five years, there really is no better time to go solar.

How Does the Rebate Work? With a rebate of $1.00/watt (or $1,000/kW)

initial capital cost savings can run into the tens of thousands for homeowners and up to $200,000.00 for larger energy users. Te rebate amount is based on your average annual elec- tricity consumption over the last two years. Depending on whether your system is a roof mount or ground mount, the rebate usually covers between 25% to 30% of the initial capi- tal cost of your system. Te rebate program is expected to end spring 2018. What’s in it for Me?

With every investment made, it is usually a

good idea to consider lost opportunity costs. Going solar is sometimes thought of as the lost opportunity everyone who pays for electricity needs to consider. What are you missing out by not going solar? When you pay your utility bill, you are essentially paying the lease price for electricity. Choosing to go solar allows you to turn that monthly lease expense into an investment asset that you own. Like any good investment, going solar is not without risk. Calculated risk is based on knowing what the risks are. People and organizations that benefit most from going solar choose to examine their solar investment as a potential hedge against rising energy costs over the long term while further protecting their as- sets and adding property value.

An Important Form of Protection A wise investment in solar increases

families, business, industry, and com- munities abilities to protect what they have spent a lifetime, and sometimes gen- erations working for…your home, business and infrastructure. Especially when initial capital costs are significant, it’s in your interests to protect your investment while saving money over the life of your system and increasing your property’s value. Trusted Experts Make the Difference Solar Solutions Canada Inc. has been in

operation for over 30 years with thousands of systems installed around the world. Tim Yusishen of St. Andrews Manitoba founded the company with the idea that there had to be a better way than depend- ing on carbon-intensive fossil fuels and

unsustainable practices to support the way we live. The company distributes hundreds of quality system components to dealers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and NW Ontario. Today, the employee and family-owned business remains true to its core offering of sustainable value and technology for life. Solar Engineers International Inc. was

launched in 2003 as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company designing and installing turnkey grid-tie and off-grid commercial and in- dustrial solar electric projects throughout Central Canada and around the world. Call 204-632-5554 to find out how Solar

Engineers can help you take advantage of the solar rebate program for your 2018 Commercial or Industrial Energy System.

Ladco is proud to present Prairie Pointe, Winnipeg’s newest master planned community.

Covering over 600 acres in Southwest Winnipeg, Prairie Pointe will feature over 2,000 single family homes, 70 acres of multi-family development, over 60 acres of green space and up to 50 acres of future commercial amenities.

Prairie Pointe residents will enjoy over 20 km of interconnected sidewalks and trails following the nature inspired lakes and creeks, linking the community to parks, playgrounds and amenities.

Contact any of our award winning builders to see what Prairie Pointe has to offer. Visit our website at for more information.

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