It’s raining cats and…frogs? I

Courtlyn Suszko

f you are looking to land a monster Channel Catfish, look no further than the banks of the Red River. Fall is a hot time for catching

monster Cats, especially offshore using frogs as bait. Tis is because monster cats have spent their lives stalking their favourite fall entree: frogs! Cats know they will be burying them- selves in muddy shores to survive the Manitoba winter and generally like to have a good feeding before they settle in. Pro Tip: My biggest rule with most species

especially channel cats is to “run and gun”, which means if you do not have a bite in 20-30 minutes move to a new spot. It is ideal to invest in an app like Navionics if you are unsure of the Red River depths as Catfish tend to hang around shelves. When to hunt: Generally, in the afternoon,

but they can be hungry all day into the dark of night. What bait to use: If you cannot find frogs,

shrimp is the next best bait to use. What rod to use: Channel Cats are a very

strong and heavy fish. Tey will put up a fight and that is why it is important to have the right gear. A Channel Cat rod is a must, this rod will be long, thick and have a larger reel. I use 20-30lb braided line then a mono leader. From my experience, I prefer to use a banana weight (anywhere from 3-6 ounces depending on the current, heavier for heavier currents), then about 4-5 inches of mono with a circle hook at the end. I will ensure most of my hook is covered by my bait and just the tip of the hook is exposed.

Fall-Eye In Manitoba, we are blessed with the most

beautiful green-blue hue of Walleye in all of North America which is why our walleye were nicknamed: The Greenback. In mid to end September, Walleye will start their annual fall migration from the North Basin down to the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg and finally into the Red River. Walleye will be in large groups meaning you will have to cover as much river as possible to locate them. Where to start: Walleye seek structure, which

is why it is good to start by structural shores and make your way deeper. A boat is ideal op- posed to fishing offshore. What bait to use: In fall many anglers will

either troll crankbaits into the current, or simply use a jig. My go-to is a pink ReelBait flasher jig which has a silver blade that flashes and vibrates that entices the Walleye. I will use minnows opposed to plastics but plastics will work as well. I like to keep MANY differ- ent colors of jigs and cranks available. Pink,


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13. Test for M.A. seekers 18. Snow, in French 22. Fed. bureau 24. Ed. opener 26. Neeson of "The Phantom Menace" 27. Words of lukewarm commitment 28. Game of kings and queens RECIPE Bacon Wrapped Walleye

Ingredients: 1 lb Bacon 1 lb Walleye Ketchup Brown Sugar Soy Sauce Garlic salt Tooth picks

Steps: Cut bacon into 3 sections (est.

2 inches) Pre-bake bacon for 10 minutes

at 375° degrees Cut walleye into ½ inch pieces

Wrap one piece of walleye with

one piece of bacon and stick with tooth pick Place in pan

Sauce: 3/4 cup of ketchup 3/4 cup brown sugar Add 2 tablespoon soy sauce 2 pinches of garlic salt Mix together and pour over ba-

con wrapped walleye Bake at 375 for 45 mins or until bacon is crispy on bottom.

Suduko Fall fishing is a good time for Channel Catfish and Walleye.

orange and green are my top three favourites. Te more options you have the better. Moving frequently and switching up your lures and colours is KEY until you feel that hard hit of a Walleye. Te river has dirty water, therefore, having a swivel snap tied directly to your line for ease of changing lures is fine. Walleye follow similar eating patterns to us, so the best time to hit the water is bright and early and then again for an evening bite. What rod to use: I use a medium light rod, with a braided line. Braided line is very sen-

Or should we say Fall-eye?

sitive because it does not stretch as much as mono, allowing you to feel structure and the familiar strikes and pre-strikes of a Walleye. Having a net is a must while Walleye fishing, they like to thrash around especially near the top of the water. Keep the fish submerged below the top of the water until you are ready to net the Walley, or you risk losing your potential tro- phy fall greenback! Practice fish CPR by slowly submerging the walleye back into the depths of the Red River for someone else to have a chance to catch their trophy fall greenback.

Happy Fishing! Courtlyn Suszko is an avid outdoors woman

who grew up in rural Manitoba just a cast away from the Red River on Netley Creek in Petersfield which has provided her years of experience fishing the Red River, Lake Win- nipeg and surrounding areas. Her affinity for the outdoors has sparked another passion: sharing her experiences with others through seminars and also teaching young girls to fish with the Hooked on Fishing program held every Wednesday at Chesleys Resort.

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