Humour helps build a serious business Up Front

By Bryden Winsby

important role in marketing wine? Well, the name Ben Ginter comes


to mind. It’s true that most of the industry, at home and abroad, was to a large degree still tradition-bound, stodgy and snobbish, but in 1970, Ginter a Prince George contractor and brewery owner, took over a struggling Mission Hill Winery, changing the name to Uncle Ben's Gourmet Wines Ltd.

Trying to compete with a domestic success, Andre’s (Peller Estates) Baby Duck, he came up with Fuddle Duck and some forgettable products, Yellow Duck and Hot Goose. Ginter wasn’t exactly known for having a finely-honed wit, but Fuddle Duck gained fame in an unexpected way. The name was attributed to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who had dropped a silent F-bomb in parliament but claimed to have only said “Fuddle duck.”

Fast-forward to the present and levity abounds as commercial winemakers worldwide jostle for attention in the marketplace. The British Columbia industry is no exception, and one winery in particular has gained considerable attention — The Hatch, a West Kelowna upstart that during just a few short years has become known for the quality of its products as well as for their peculiar names and labels. You’ll find out how in this month’s cover story by Associate Editor Judie Steeves.

Elsewhere on these pages she’s done several related articles on farmland, present and future, from the apparent reversal of dwindling tree fruit acreage, to comparative values of ag land across the province and country, to the need to consider all of its benefits in land-use planning.

On the research front, Susan McIver describes how ‘precision pollination’ can circumvent the need for natural pollinators and she’s done a feature on work done by Summerland researcher Peter Toivonen and colleagues to determine how high-tech metering


ho’d have thought just a few decades ago that humour could actually play an

fares in comparison to traditional methods of determining when apples are harvest- ready. We also have a piece on how a laser device could be a very good way to deal with bird pests, and advice from

Gary Strachan on which vineyard pruning method to chose after a late spring. There’s more. Lots more. Read on, enjoy, and have a great summer!


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British Columbia FRUIT GROWER • Summer 2017


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