underway in May, and growers are asked to keep alert for the bug and report captures or send photos to the ministry: To learn more about it and view photos go to: industry/agriculture-

seafood/animals-and-crops/plant- health/insects-and-plant- diseases/tree-fruits/brown- marmorated-stink-bug

Work is underway to identify a parasitoid which may be effective against the BMSB, notes Acheampong.

Growers are already familiar with the Spotted Wing Drosophila, but as this issue of B.C. Fruit Grower magazine went to press, there had not been any data gathered about numbers of the pest that

overwintered in the Okanagan region this year.

Acheampong expects there will be low numbers at the beginning of the year, but warned that warm weather can bring them on in no time, so growers need to stay vigilant. She said if independent growers want help or traps for SWD, they can contact her at the ministry office in Kelowna.

The B.C. Tree Fruits Co-operative put out about 40 traps in May for packinghouse members.

SWD was first identified in B.C. in 2009, but it is native to Southeast Asia and prefers temperatures of 20 to 30 C.

Adults overwinter as flies, and with warm weather they become active, mate and lay eggs in ripening fruit, producing up to five generations a year. Females average 384 eggs per female and each hatches in 2-72 hours. Larvae mature in 3-13 days and pupae live in fruit or outside for 3-15 days, depending on temperatures.

For more information on SWD management, go to the ministry’s website at: industry/agriculture-

seafood/animals-and-crops/plant- health/insects-and-plant- diseases/tree-fruits/spotted-wing- drosophila

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