she became. In early childhood Sunny trained in a variety of the arts such as dancing at age 2 andwriting at age 8.


As she got older, in a compromise between becoming a doctor of the healing arts like her family had, and becoming a dancer, Solana earned herBachelor ofArts inAnthropology/Philosophy fromSouthern MethodistUniversity in 1977with the intent toward earning a doctor- ate in that discipline.However, her love of dance lead her to enroll at TexasChristianUniversity, under themasterful tutelage of the interna- tionally renowned choreographer, JerryBywatersCochran,where Solana earned herMaster of FineArts inModernDance, class of 1985.

In a perpetual state of creativemotion, Solana danced, choreographed andwrote poetry.As injuriesmoved Solana to focusmore on choreog- raphy, she also intensified herwriting,which ultimately led her to VermontCollege’s esteemedwriting programwhere she earned her Master of FineArts inCreativeWriting. She has had poems published inmany national and international anthologies (print and on-line) such as RedRiverReview, TheRaintownReview, Ironwood,Gypsy,Rock&Sling and Listening to theBirth of Crystals. Shewas invited to be a teacher/ read- er of poetics at a number of national conferences.As a corollary of her creative spirit and education, Solanawas a teacherwith experience in the education of bilingual children,most notably in teaching bilingual kindergarten for theDallas Independent SchoolDistrict. She also taught creative adult education in rhetoric and creativewriting.

Always an active communitymember, Solana participated in a variety of civic and corporate boards, holding various offices, such asArtistic Director of TheDallasMorningNewsDance Festival 1998,BoardMember andWorkshop Facilitator for theDallas Poet’sCommunity,Advisory Board forContemporaryDance/Ft.Worth and as a boardmember for theDanceCouncil ofNorth Texas.

Largo by Solana (Sunny) d’Lamant

The roomis always ready Its emptinessmirrored in silvered walls

The floor, sanded to slickness waits to accept pressure or rhythm

After a loud day, I dance Satie to feel strength inmy legs

these plies say there is another placewhere debts don’t compound


I slipmy feet into Satieslippers andmove as if shaping beauty is ordinary

I placemy Satietorso in position not beaten but surrender to simplicity

Thesemovements are birds soaring Hunters stalk.Bullets sing.

Bullets pierce the flock never touch flesh

Theminds, the spirits, the flock remainswhole, remains, remains

a publication of the dance council of north texas vol. 20 • no. 2 May-July 2017 page 11

Solana “Sunny” d’Lamant 1949-2017


olana grewup in the border town ofEl Paso, Texas to a family of doctors. The ethics and ethos ofmedicine pairedwith the bilin- gualismof the city she grewup in, shaped the amazing person

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