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What we love tis season

JUMPSTART Windowsill Tray Kit Start your seeds with this handy kit that fits in your windowsill. It comes with a narrow heat mat (8 cm by 51 cm/3 in. by 20 in.) that fits perfectly underneath the two greenhouses. Each mini greenhouse features 12 growing pods and peat pellets. The heat mat will improve germination by warming the root area while the vented dome helps to create the perfect growing environment for your plants. Available in seed catalogues and on $35.94

Miracle-Gro Aerogardens Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more with this revolutionary appliance. AeroGardens use dirt-free NASA-tested aeroponic technology to grow plants with water, nutrients and air. Kits are available in several sizes, each elegantly designed and fitted with high performance, full spectrum LED grow lights. Available on 6-pod indoor garden with seed kit $129.95 Sprout with seed kit (shown) $89.06

Game of Thorns Watson Gloves designed Game of Thorns to enable gardeners to prune rose bushes or whack back blackberry patches without getting scraped and stuck with thorns and prickles. The 7 inch extended PVC gauntlet cuff will protect your forearm and wrist. They have a hard-wearing microfibre palm with an additional palm patch for added protection so you can grasp thorny branches without fear. Lastly, the spandex back allows for a snug fit. They come in men’s large or women’s medium or large. Available at fine garden shops and $21.95

Hydrofarm’s Jump Start T5 Grow Light System This lighting system is ideal for start- ing seeds, propagating cuttings and growing indoor flowers and house- plants. The energy efficient T5 Grow Light System provides 15 to 25 per cent more lumens than traditional grow lights and is fitted with a wide reflector to provide maximum cover- age. Raising and lowering the fixture is easy with a simple toggle clamp. Available in two sizes, it is easy to assemble and folds away flat for stor- age. Available in seed catalogues and on 2-foot system $77.94 4-foot system $111.99

The New Canadian Garden By Mark Cullen Canada's gardening guru, Mark Cullen, explores new trends, horticultural innovations and the creativity that has been tapped by a generation of younger gardeners. Mark’s years of experience have given him a unique understanding of today's gardeners, what information they require, and how gardening trends are changing people's expectations. A must-have reference for every home gardener in a Canadian climate! $19.99 Dreaming 2016 • 7

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