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Charming containers Make a choice to include containers in your garden this

year. Vamp up your entrance way with different sizes and shapes, go with a colour theme or just go wild. Add some hanging baskets, wall planters or unusual containers to the mix. The general rule of thumb with containers is to plant

a thriller, spiller and filler; but don’t just bow down to the usual flowers, explore all of the different plant options available. Try tropicals, succulents or miniature trees. That said, don’t dismiss containers overflowing with one flower or die hard favourites, just add them to the mix. Most homeowners use containers around their decks,

porches and on solid surfaces; why not go rogue this year? Containers look extraordinary when placed within a flower bed, especially when they are surrounded by groundcover. They can also create beautiful statements when placed in the lawn, along a path, or just about anywhere. Add a touch of whimsy by adding a fairy or gnome

garden in a container. If you don’t want to be burdened with extra watering chores consider leaving out the plants and use statues, stones and shells for a base.

Creative upcycling Upcycling, or repurposing materials for another use

is on the rise, especially in the garden. It should be no surprise, gardeners have been using antiques in the garden for years – old steel or wood cart wheels, bicycles, milk cans, barrels, the list goes on. Upcycling can add personality to the garden and create

a funky feel. How do you keep it funky, not junky? Don’t overdo it and create a storyboard for your additions. For example, if you’re adding an old wagon wheel, accent it by placing some milk jugs, a chicken statue, and some containers filled with plants around it. Step outside of the ordinary when considering contain-

ers. Old grass seeders, wash basins, soup tureens, a set of tea cups, a tire, an old pair of shoes or the kid's old rain boots; the options are limitless once you start brainstorm- ing. So next time you think about throwing something away, think, can I put a plant in that? If you have odds and sods from old garden projects lying

around (rocks, bricks, etc.) don’t just discard them, put on your thinking cap and find a way to use them as well. One handy gardener found a creative way to incorporate all those odd shaped bits into an interesting pathway.

Dreaming 2016 • 15

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